People’s Assembly: Alexandretta is an integral part of Syria

The People’s Assembly (PA) has stressed that Alexandretta (Liwa Iskenderun) is part and parcel of Syria and that the Syrians will spare no effort to restore it to Syrian sovereignty.

In a statement marking the stripping of Alexandretta from Syria, the PA said that the tripartite agreement between the French and British occupation and Turkey in 1939 to strip Alexandretta has been a shameful deal as it flagrantly violated France's obligations as a state and blatantly violated the treaty France signed with the Syrian government in 1936, which literally stated that Syria assumes all the obligations that were under the mandate, including in the administrative independence areas.

Prize-winner Abdul Latif Abdul Hameed honored within the Syrian Culture Days

Artist Abdel Latif Abdel Hameed has the unique experience in the world of film directing. His films are well received by the audience and they win festival awards for their simplicity, spontaneity, and their approach to the tales of simple people in  rich detail.

In recognition of his artistic career, the director and writer Abdel Latif Abdel Hamid was one of the six people honored in the   Syrian Culture Days, for the joy, childhood, innocence and subtlety that his films carried, and his great love for Syria, winning dozens of awards locally, regionally  and globally.

Abdel Hamid, whose films were produced by the General Film Organization, was distinguished by his ability to combine comedy and tragedy at the same time. The simple rural environment was the basic feature of most of his works. Although he later moved to the city, he still looked for good rural faces.

A symposium commemorating the anniversary of division of Palestine and theft of Alexandretta

A symposium entitled “The Anniversary of the Division of Palestine and the theft of Alexandretta,” focused on the need to raise awareness of the nation’s main issues and rights, foremost of which is the Palestine issue. The symposium was held on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Syrian Arab People’s Committee for Supporting the Palestinian People and Resisting the Zionist Project in cooperation with Al-Quds International Foundation- Syria and the alliance of Palestinian resistance groups.

Researcher Dr. Turki Hassan pointed out during the symposium that despite the terrorist war that the Syrian people have been subjected to during the past ten years, it is necessary to shed light on the central issues as it is not possible to forget the occupied Syrian Golan and Alexandretta  along with the Palestinian cause, the central Arab issue.

Hassan noted that the preoccupation with internal events during the past years led to a decline in interest in the Palestinian cause at the official Arab level, even at the popular level, stressing the need to bring this issue back to the fore, which the occupying forces were unable to erase from the memory of generations.

On 81 anniversary of separating Alexandretta , Syrians have the right to restore lands no matter how long it takes

81 years have passed since the crime of skinning Alexandretta from the motherland Syria, but this sinister memory  is still alive in the conscience of the Syrians who are committed to restoring their rights and recovering every inch of the soil of their land, no matter how long it takes.

The plot to plunder Alexandretta in 1939 due to its wealth was carried out  after the falsification of facts under a tripartite agreement between Turkey and the French and British occupations at that time. The conspiracy is still clearly present in our minds especially with the attempts of the current Turkish regime led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan to redraw the same scenario through its support of terrorist organizations and its aggression on Syrian territory.

The ominous tripartite agreement was made as a kind of bribe in exchange for Turkey standing by the allies in World War II. However, Alexandretta's  usurption did not gain the recognition of the UN League nor later the United Nations, which means that from the international point of view this area will remain Syrian territory.

People's Assembly: Alexandretta is present in the consciousness of the Syrian people

Damascus, (ST) - The People's Assembly affirmed that the Alexandretta is Syrian Arab land, and it is always present in the minds and consciences of the Syrian people who have proven to the whole world that every attempt to steal any part of their land will only be met with more struggle and resistance to restore rights.

In a statement issued today on the occasion of the eighty-first anniversary of the usurpation of Alexandretta, the Assembly indicated that the twenty-ninth of November 1939 is a sinister date in the memory of Syrians, Arabs and nationalists, because on this date , Syrian Arab land was seized, through a clear and arbitrary fraud.

 The Assembly said that, “what Turkey has done during the past ten years and what it is doing today in of support of armed terrorist organizations is an attempt to repeat its past experiences against our people in Alexandretta through the attacks of the Erdogan regime in support of terrorism and its countless crimes against Syrians .

Raghda Sawas