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Anniversary of usurping Alexandretta marked in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)- Marking the 80th anniversary of usurping the Syrian Arab Alexandretta (Liwa Iskenderun) by the Turkish occupation, the Aleppo Charity organization for the people of Liwa Iskenderun held a festival in Aleppo to confirm that Iskenderun is Syrian Arab land.
The festival included an operetta telling the story of the conspiracy to usurp Alexandretta.

Several speeches were made during the festival highlighting Turkey's black history of colonialism since  the capturing of Alexandretta until now. Speakers stressed that this bloody history is repeating itself today in the countryside of Aleppo, Hassaka where the Turkish occupation forces are dedicating their abilities to take part in shedding Syrian blood within the framework of the global war being waged on Syria.

They asserted that the people of Alexandretta, who were displaced from their land in an international conspiracy, will continue their struggle to liberate this dear part of the Syrian land, reiterating that the occupation will never affect their firm and unwavering adherence to their right in Alexandretta which is an integral part of Syria.

Turkey captured Alexandretta in a tripartite agreement with the French- British occupation during the World war II.
France and Britain agreed to give that strategic land as a bribe to Turkey in return for the latter to support the Allies in the World War II, an issue which Turkey tries to do nowadays through backing the armed terrorist organizations in Syria.
Hamda Mustafa