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People's Assembly: Alexandretta is present in the consciousness of the Syrian people

Damascus, (ST) - The People's Assembly affirmed that the Alexandretta is Syrian Arab land, and it is always present in the minds and consciences of the Syrian people who have proven to the whole world that every attempt to steal any part of their land will only be met with more struggle and resistance to restore rights.

In a statement issued today on the occasion of the eighty-first anniversary of the usurpation of Alexandretta, the Assembly indicated that the twenty-ninth of November 1939 is a sinister date in the memory of Syrians, Arabs and nationalists, because on this date , Syrian Arab land was seized, through a clear and arbitrary fraud.

 The Assembly said that, “what Turkey has done during the past ten years and what it is doing today in of support of armed terrorist organizations is an attempt to repeat its past experiences against our people in Alexandretta through the attacks of the Erdogan regime in support of terrorism and its countless crimes against Syrians .

Raghda Sawas