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Al- Yardi  was named in Turkish (Yaeladag ) which means the natural mountain.  It is located  about 5 km  from the borders  of  Kasab , and 50 km  from the city of Antakya . Al-Yardi is  famous for agriculture, especially  tobacco .The tobacco factory  (Reggie) of Al-Yardi village was  established   exactly after the border on the left side  of the road leading to the Swedish and it  is still working till now . 

The working in  the profession of  tobacco is  considered the main source of al-Yardi 's  people livelihood . For this reason  when  some women  were obliged to  emigrate  to Latakia , they  worked also in  Reggie  that formed their main  profession  in their  village .


Al-Yardi is also famous  for  agriculture  of olives, daily vegetables , apples and grapes. The majority  of the  village  inhabitants now  are Turkmans, but   its  left  side  at  Swedish road  is inhabited  by  the Kurds. 

Old people in al-Yardi  are used to call it  al-Jurah( the hole)  because it is located between two mountains.

Al-Yardi is still retaining its old houses and roads  , although most of them are threatened to fall. And everyone  can  notice that al-Yardi  had witnessed no changes in its building structure after the Turkish occupation.