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Alexandretta is Syrian

Patrick Seale: that "by disregarding its pledge to protect the integrity of Syria, France had committed a flagrantly immoral political act.”

Alexandretta covers an area of 4.805 square kilometers of the Levant coast along the Eastern Mediterranean. It is located on the Western section of what is known as the 'Syrian Saddle'. Its port (namely, the port of Alexandretta) is said to be "the first natural harbour in the Eastern Mediterranean". It offers safe anchorage for large ships in a gulf over 35miles in length. Furthermore, it is "the natural outlet for the vasthinterland of Aleppo and the Upper Euphrates valley and is connected by rail with Osmanich(Ottoman Empire) and thus with the main lines running west to Ankaraand Istanbul, east to Baghdad, and south, through Aleppo, Damascus and Haifa, to the Suez Canal". Within the boundaries of the sanjak (administrative division) of Alexandretta, however, lie, in addition to the port of Alexandretta, the ancient historical town of Antioch (Antakya) that has become the sanjak's capital; the fertile valley of the Orontes; and the Southern section of the Amanus Range.