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The ‘Stolen Province’: Why Turkey Was Given A Corner Of Syria By France 80 Years Ago

The years of war against Syria have been long and all the masks have fallen of those who participated and plotted against Syria, and with the exposure of many facts, goals and interests that prompted some countries to participate in the dirty war on Syria, the Turkish position still needs more light and clarification.

Turikish hostile policy and direct support to terrorists places Turkey at the heart of the storm and exposes it to risks. What Turkey has done is played with fire and danced on the edge of the abyss , thanks to its bloody history and hostile policies that have turned its relations with all neighboring countries to zero, as the Turkish state bears direct responsibility for the explosion of the wave of asylum to Europe, and the return of terrorists through it to their countries, which eliminates their chances of joining the European Union and makes it an impossible dream .

This leads us to think about the fundamental goal that required all this madness, which has amounted to the political suicide of Erdogan's regime.

The Ottoman-Erdogan dream of gnawing more Syrian lands made him fierce in supporting, protecting and aiding terrorists, and comes within the framework of renewing his old - new dream, in gnawing what he called the state of Aleppo - according to the map of dividing Syria . In a report by the Russian Sputnik agency, in which it stated that Turkey was able to steal  Liwa Iskanderoun (Alexandretta) from Syria with European support.

In literature ... Hanna Minh hunts "Turkish wolves" in the occupied Alexandretta “Food is not shared with Turkish wolves”

New York Times described the prominent Syrian writer Hanna Minh as a historian of the poor and the oppressed, through dozens of his novels, and is considered one of the first Arab novelists to use social realism. Minh has written for half a century and many of his works have been transferred to cinema and television. However, only two of his works have been translated into English.

Anniversary of usurping Alexandretta marked in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)- Marking the 80th anniversary of usurping the Syrian Arab Alexandretta (Liwa Iskenderun) by the Turkish occupation, the Aleppo Charity organization for the people of Liwa Iskenderun held a festival in Aleppo to confirm that Iskenderun is Syrian Arab land.
The festival included an operetta telling the story of the conspiracy to usurp Alexandretta.

Several speeches were made during the festival highlighting Turkey's black history of colonialism since  the capturing of Alexandretta until now. Speakers stressed that this bloody history is repeating itself today in the countryside of Aleppo, Hassaka where the Turkish occupation forces are dedicating their abilities to take part in shedding Syrian blood within the framework of the global war being waged on Syria.

Alexanderetta and Colonialist Policies

"Iskenderun(Alexanderetta) and Colonialist Policies… From Occupation to usurpation from the Syrian State” is the title a book recently issued by the Syrian General Organization of Books and written by history researcher Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Bitar.

The 247-page book discusses the stages and procedures adopted by the French occupation in this part of the Syrian land which eventually led to the separation of Iskenderun from Syria in 1939.

Iskenderun .. Arab land in the cave of the Ottoman sultan

In Iskenderun, food, songs, folklore, and books on the shelves of the libraries are all in Arabic. The Ottoman occupier criminalizes the population who speak their Arabic language so they are speaking it secretly.  Despite all the attempts of the Turks to erase the identity of Iskenderun and obliterate the Arabic identity of it, Iskenderun has remained as a thorn in the neck of the sultanate of blood, seeking salvation and return to the map of the Syrian state. Iskenderun is a beautiful region that is best known for its history and remarkable cuisine.

Returning back to that period, we have to ask the question about the reason behind France’s decision to   abandon Iskenderun to Turkey? A French General called Wigan told a French journalist that the presence of a strong Turkey on the borders of the Arab countries eases their enthusiasm and hinders their development and progress, while a French researcher said about the treaty in which France abandoned the region to Turkey by saying: "This treaty is a grave in which we buried the dream of the Arab Empire."

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