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Turkish gambling leading to total defeat

On October 9th, the Turks started another military invasion into Syria under the name "Operation Peace Spring". Can this name giving be more cynical? Invading a neighbour, killing its citizens and this under the name "Peace Spring"? But does it surprise anyone after all these years of supporting, organising and weaponising terrorist groups in Syria that the Turks went once again one step further? As the future will show, the decision to invade Syria will be a sour decision which the Turks will regret a lot. Defeat and humiliation will be their fate.

Erdogan's isis Cooperation

The heroic Syrian Arab Army and its allies have been fighting a fierce war against multi-national terrorists from all over the globe. The battle against isis was the fiercest.

With the ongoing invasion by Turkey- the main backer of terrorists in Syria- of many towns and villages in North and East Syria, many of isis members and cells were given a boost!

According to different news outlets, many isis terrorists have broken out of prisons in northern Syria after Turkish shelling

Turkey is recruiting and retraining isis terrorists to lead its invasion of Afrin in northern Syria, according to an ex-isis source.

Erdogan's hostile intentions are doomed to failure

The brutal aggression of the Turkish regime against several areas in the Syrian Jezira constitutes a shameful violation of the international law and a blatant breach of the UN Security Council’s resolutions which confirm adherence to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Taking the green light from his master in Washington, Erdogan immediately disclosed his   reckless and irresponsible behavior and hostile intentions towards Syria by starting a wide-scale offensive against the city of Ras al-Ein, al-Qameshli, al-Malekia, Tal Abyad in Raqqa city and other nearby areas. The savage Turkish aggression cannot be justified under any pretext other than Erdogan's running after achieving his expansionist dream to revive the dead Ottoman Sultanate. The Turkish officials' talk about the security of Turkey's borders cannot justify the savage aggression, because Erdogan and his ilk have completely ignored the Adana agreement signed between Syria and Turkey. The atrocious attack caused the death of eight civilians and the wounding of twenty two others.

Better Late than Never!

The Syrian Kurds in northeast Syria are ready to work on an agreement with Damascus in order to protect themselves as the Turkish operation in the area is looming and the United States has abandoned its support, according to the Sputnik.

"As to safeguard the people's rights and play a role in all Syria, an agreement with Damascus is necessary. This is why we have repeatedly tried, either directly or through Russia, to hold dialogue with Damascus and reach a political agreement to end the Syrian crisis and confront the agendas seeking the division of the Syrian territory", Badran Jiakurd, was quoted by Sputnik.

Washington & Ankara, the exchange of conspiratorial roles

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the US and Turkey have been offering unlimited support to terrorist groups operating in Syria to hinder all the efforts exerted to resolve the crisis peacefully. Erdogan's regime assumed the responsibility of training and facilitating the influx of terrorists coming from more than eighty states into Syrian territories. It also facilitated the plundering acts carried out by terrorists against Syrian infrastructure, especially the industrial facilities in Aleppo and other nearby areas.

As for the US, it formed the so-called illegitimate international coalition which committed scores of massacres against Syrian citizens in al-Jezira area. Moreover, the US forces have been offering military and logistic support to QASAD, the separatist militia which has implemented the US schemes in the Syrian al-Jazeera region through the brutal acts of kidnapping, raids and armed robbery of the public and private properties, houses and intimidating citizens.