Chemical Drama


As the zero hour for declaring victory against terrorism in Syria and uprooting takfiri terrorist organizations from the Syrian soil, some Western states and their agents in the region are trying to prepare a new chapter of the chemical farce which started several years ago and coincided with every victory realized by the heroes of the Syrian Arab army in their battle against terrorism. The forces supporting terrorism in Syria have consistently used chemical weapons as a pretext to block the progress of the Syrian Army as they use it as a political pressure against the Syrian state to hinder all efforts being exerted to end the crisis in Syria and obstruct the political solution.

The goal of the propaganda campaign currently being waged against Syria by the US and its allies is not only to provide support for the terrorists, who are using chemical weapons, but also to encourage them to use it again. Since the beginning of this year, four incidents of chemical weapons use by terrorists have been uncovered in Suruj in Idleb countryside and Msheirfeh. There is a lot of evidence of the use of weapons containing mustard gas by terrorists on September 16, 2016 in Umm Hosh, as well as their use of sarin gas in 2013 in Khan al-Asal and Eastern Ghouta.

The US claims of new chemical attacks allegedly planned by the Syrian government are unsubstantiated. These accusations are not backed up by anything. No one is putting forward any facts and the goal is to aggravate tensions and prolong the crisis. This complicates the negotiation process, negatively affects the efforts being made in Astana and Geneva. The statements and accusations fabricated in the past few days by Western officials and representatives of their governments are part of a cheap political and media war that has been always coincided with the Syrian army and its allies’ real achievements in the fight against terrorism and the intra-Syrian talks, whether in Astana or Geneva,  to hinder the Syrian government’s efforts to achieve a political solution among the Syrians without foreign interference.

The allegations made by the US and its allies on the use of chemical weapons have become exposed to the world public opinion and its purpose is to justify any potential aggression against Syria. The best proof of this is what happened last April in Douma, where Washington deliberately blocked the arrival of the investigation team to the region and rushed to anticipate the launching of the tripartite aggression on Syria which proves that the accusations are just an excuse to justify aggression and that the US is not interested in any investigation that is inconsistent with its policies.

White Helmets

The so called “White Helmets” are preparing to shoot scenes of a fabricated chemical attack. According to information received earlier from local residents in Idleb, foreign English-speaking specialists arrived in Idleb to stage a “chemical attack” using chlorine-filled missiles within two days.

The so-called “White Helmets” organization has been involved in criminal acts and fabricating lies regarding alleged chemical attacks in Syria. Those people who call themselves aid workers are clearly and publicly involved in criminal provocative activities in Syria which have been proven by conclusive evidences.

Russia has repeatedly published evidence and facts that reveal the reality of  this group’s actions and its work field which range from the fabrication of provocations and the dissemination of misleading information on the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The Syrians, both at the official and the popular level, reject this group and see it as a criminal organization. The “White Helmets” organization was established in Turkey in 2013; it has received massive funding from the US, Britain, and the West. The scope of its work in the locations of the terrorist organizations has raised many question marks about it and its alleged humanitarian work, especially that its members are belonging to these organizations.

The Icon of Palestine

Palestinian women have been participating in all forms of resistance, including armed resistance, for as long as the Palestinian people have fought for national liberation. More importantly, the struggle of Palestinian women is the history of all Palestinian people’s struggle.

For instance, in the 1930s, a militant women’s group called Zahrat Al-Okhowan was formed to fight the British occupation of Palestine.

Racist Law

The Israeli occupation authorities have been capitalizing on the unlimited support offered by the Trump's administration to press ahead and escalate its aggressive and racist policies against the Palestinian people. The Zionist government has accelerated the confiscation of the Palestinian lands and the construction of new settlement blocks. Israeli authorities demolished 197 Palestinian structures in West Bank during the first half of 2018 as the Tel Aviv regime presses ahead with its land expropriation policies in the occupied territories. Eight homes, 10 livelihood-related structures and four retaining walls or fences were destroyed last month.

Sinister objectives of illegal settlement

Consecutive Zionist governments have been pressing ahead with the policy of  settlement construction to achieve sinister objectives, namely changing the geographic and demographic status of the occupied Arab territories paving the way for the influx of  thousands of Jewish incomers and perpetuating the Israeli occupation of the occupied Arab territories.

A United Nations report takes Israel to task for failing to abide by a 2016 Security Council resolution urging the regime to stop its settlement expansion on occupied Palestinian land, saying Tel Aviv has in fact taken “no steps” at all to that effect. The report is published every four months to recount the implementation of Resolution 2334.  As detailed in the report, no steps were taken during the reporting period to cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem  demanded by the resolution.