The Company CEO

The Syrians are to unite as to compel Americans to leave, and they would not be able to stay, neither for oil nor for anything else, asserting that the American presence in Syria will generate a military resistance which will exact losses among the Americans, and consequently force them to leave as America cannot believe that it will live comfortably in any area it occupies, underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a recent interview with Russia 24 and Rossiya Sevodnya, President Assad cited the Iraq experience as is still fresh in the minds of Americans and the result, for them, was unexpected, asserting that the American occupation of some parts in Syria will generate a military resistance which will exact losses among the Americans, and consequently force them to leave. 

America is structured as a political system of gangs.  The American president does not represent a state – he is the company CEO, and behind this CEO there is a board of directors which represent the big companies in America – the real owners of the state – oil and arms companies, banks…. there is a quasi-state, governed by gangs and based on the principle of power.  These gangs are thieves and the conflict between them is over profits, gains, and losses. 

According to Derek Davison, an analyst covering U.S. foreign policy and international affairs, Since Trump announced last month that he was pulling U.S. forces off of the border between Syria and Turkey, U.S. policy in northeastern Syria has become almost inscrutable.

Davison, in a recent press interview published by website, asserted that the US foreign policy in the Middle East has become dissociated from the broader national interest and certainly from public opinion. This is a problem for any elected official, because we’ve spent—as Trump continually reminds us—six or seven trillion dollars in the Middle East for nothing, or what seems to be nothing to the American public.

Politicians can’t really explain what that money has bought us. With a foreign policy establishment that has become very anti-Iran and very pro-Israel, and is willing to spend trillions of dollars to pursue these policies, the American people feel like they’ve been abandoned by Washington. It’s one of the aspects to a broader sense that there’s deep corruption in the political system and that our political elites are acting in their own inscrutable interests.

So when Trump said [during the 2016 campaign] that we’d wasted our money and that he was going to end these “stupid wars,” that was wildly popular. And Trump reiterated what everybody already knew he believed, which is that he wanted to get out of Syria. The underlines the irresponsibility of his foreign policy principals, who clearly see Trump as stupid and believed they could play him to get him to change his basic understanding, added Davison.

The US analyst wondered about who are going to be the proxies guarding these oil fields, asserting that  U.S. occupation  troops in Syria are but to  be sitting ducks surrounded by hostile forces looking to drive them out of the region, and without a legal justification for being there.

It is a sad commentary on the level of dysfunction in U.S. foreign policy. We’ve never seen it at this level before, and we need to hope a different administration comes in and sorts it out, concluded Davison.

Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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