Trump's new gift to Netanyahu

From the very beginning of his term, US President Donald Trump has been offering gifts to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The list of gifts started with the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, then moving the US embassy to it. After that, Trump recognized Israel's illegitimate annexation of the occupied Golan. The most recent gift was legalizing the Israeli settlement activities in the occupied Arab territories. Last Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that his administration does not consider that the Israeli settlements are contrary to the international law, disregarding all international resolutions, especially the UN Security Council resolution No. 2334 of 2016, which demands the occupation authorities to immediately stop all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

This statement represents a new American bias towards the Israeli occupation. Pompeo's announcement is invalid, null and void and totally contradictory to international law and the UN Security Council relevant resolutions. The US administration is not authorized to cancel the UN resolutions, and its new stand is a disdain of international law and resolutions that clearly criminalize settlement activities. The US declaration has dealt a strong blow to the possibility of reaching a settlement to the Palestine question and establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

This illegal announcement holds the US administration accountable for these blatant and persistent violations of international law, which will lead to the destabilization of relations among the nations of the world. It also shows that the US administration is a threat to the international peace and security and a partner in the crimes of the Israeli occupation as well as providing political cover for its escalating violations.

The new US stand is considered part of what is called “deal of the century” to eliminate the Palestine question. The US position forms the most recent episode in the US contempt for the International legitimacy, a continuity of the US aggression on the Arab Nation and the unlimited support provided by the USA to the expansionist Zionist entity in its continuous aggression against the Arab rights.

The current weak Arab status quo has enabled the occupation entity to press ahead with its continued aggression against the Arab nation.  The weakness of the Arab status quo pushed some Arab states to rush and encourage for the free normalization with this racist entity. They bear the historical responsibility for conceding Arab rights and encouraging Netanyahu and Trump for such illegitimate criminal behavior.

The actual confrontation of these and other dangers requires a return to the concept and mechanisms of resistance. The steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their adherence to the resistance and national rights will fail all conspiracies aimed at eliminating their cause.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed the US unprecedented support for the regime’s illegal settlements on the Palestinian territories.

All world countries should reject and condemn these statements and the previous resolutions on Jerusalem because they are illegal and threaten international peace and security.

In the face of Trump and Netanyahu's racist expansionist policy, the choice of resistance and steadfastness will preserve the Arab rights and will defend the present of the Arab nation and guarantee its future.