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Defending People against Terrorism

President Bashar Al-Assad's answers in his recent interview with Paris Match regarding the ongoing internationally backed war of terrorism against Syrians represent further more facts, details and realities about Syria and its allies' fierce fight against super powers spread and support for terrorism.

When ISIS attacked the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor, the Americans bombed the Syrian Army instead of ISIS, outlined President Assad, asserting that such powers, when the Syrian Army was advancing in the fight against terrorism and they were looking for a pretext to strike at it, and that’s what happened. You cannot cooperate in the fight against terrorism with those who are supporting terrorism, declared President Assad.

Logically, there is no doubt that the support of our friends has reduced losses and helped us regain our territories….Damascus remained almost besieged for years, sometimes completely, sometimes partially; shells were falling on us on a daily basis, added President Assad.

The brave captain of the Syrian ship amidst the international stormy terrorism havoc and uproar, has been heroic, faithful and loyal to Syrians and has been bravely doing his constitutional duty in defending the people against terrorism.

His Excellency was, as ever, clear, frank and straight to the point when he pointed out that such powers have been ''Definitely" in previous periods, supplying weapons.  This may have changed in the previous months, or last year, but let’s put things into perspective: when French forces come to Syria without an invitation from the legitimate government, this is occupation."

There’s no real difference between supporting terrorism and providing military forces to occupy a country.  It is the same context, but with different titles, underscored President Assad.

There are international rules for fighting terrorism, wondering about why such powers would support the terrorists whom Syria and its allies are fighting: The Syrian government is fighting ISIS, why wasn’t it supported?  And why does the French government fight ISIS and yet support al-Nusra, when in fact they are both terrorist organizations?!''

Straight to the point, President Assad asserted that when there is occupation, it is one form of terrorism, calling on such powers to stop supporting everything that could cause more bloodshed, killing, and suffering in Syria.

Every terrorist in the areas controlled by the Syrian state will be subject to Syrian law, and Syrian law is clear concerning terrorism.  We have courts specialized in terrorism and they will be prosecuted, added President Assad, and pointed out that extraditing terrorists or any convicted person to another state is subject to bilateral agreements between countries; but to release people from prison knowing that they are terrorists and sending them to other countries to kill civilians is but an immoral act.

We have been fighting against the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world, reiterated the president and made it clear that some were fighting not because they were extremists, but they had no other choice: either to fight with the terrorists or to be killed.

Consequently, President Assad concluded that we have made significant progress in this war and that we will win when terrorism is eliminated.  It is still present in certain areas in the north, and what is more dangerous is that support for this terrorism still continues from Turkey, and from Western countries – whether it’s the United States, Britain, or France.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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