Erdogan's atrocious crimes aim to create demographic change

Since the beginning of its treacherous offensive on the Syrian territories on Oct. 9th, the ill intention of Erdogan's regime was very clear, namely making a demographic change  in the areas it occupied. Turkey and its mercenaries from the terrorist groups are working to create a vast demographic change in the occupied areas.

This sinister objective have led Erdogan and his sponsored terrorists to  commit wide-scale war crimes, in addition to causing a humanitarian crisis combined with renewed fighting which could accelerate the return of Daesh and other terrorist organizations.


 To achieve this evil objective, forces of the Turkish occupation and terrorist organizations have been committing savage criminal acts against the Syrian citizens in the border areas they occupied. They have destroyed the infrastructure and the services facilities in Ras al-Ein and Tel Abyad as a large number of civilians were displaced and took refuge in the cities of Hasaka and Qamishli.

 Such atrocious crimes are committed on daily basis in the towns and villages which they occupied. Moreover, Erdogan's terrorist tools began to carry out abductions by kidnapping youths and children to blackmail their relatives.  The families of the abducted said that their sons were beaten and tormented before being taken to a prison set up by terrorists, about 13 kms from the city.

Earlier, Erdogan’s mercenaries kidnapped civilians from other villages and areas they had occupied, especially in the villages of Aneeq al-Hawa, Umm Harmala, Hammamat, Hakamiya and they demanded a ransom in exchange for their release.

Another notorious practice pursued by Erdogan and his ilk to achieve this menacing objective is  tightening the noose on the locals through stealing electricity transformers. Terrorist groups have also imposed control on Alouk Water Plant in Ras al-Ein eastern countryside, which has been shelled in the beginning of the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories. Turkish regime-backed terrorist groups continue to prevent the specialized technicians from reaching Alouk drinking water plant to put it into service again.

The terrorists also robbed the properties of the locals to force them leave their homes and bring terrorist groups and their families to live in their houses in a step that aims at making a demographic change in the region.

Since the beginning of Erdogan's aggression on Syrian territory, the Turkish occupation forces have caused the displacement of about 25,000 Syrian families from their homes in the border areas which they occupied in the northwestern countryside of al-Hasaka city.After displacing scores of Syrian families, the Turkish occupation forces brought dozens of families from Turkish territory to the city of Ras al-Ein and put them in the homes of citizens seized by terrorists.

Tens of families headed from Turkey to Ras al-Ein, many of whom are dressed in the Afghani fashion that Daesh (ISIS) terrorists adopt, and a large number of them settled in the southern part of the city.

The steadfastness of Syrian people and the bravery of  the Syrian army men will foil Erdogan's expansionist dreams.