Definite Liberation

The Syrian hero Sidqi Al-Maqt's rejection of Israeli occupation  deportation  to Syria instead of setting him free from its notorious prisons and detention camps to his own family and part of Syria, majdal Shams, is another lesson of solidarity, steadfastness and resistance.

It is but as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, stated in a message to the hero Al-Maqt: a demonstration of unwavering struggle by a national hero brought and grown up mingled with pride, honor and dignity

The sovereign integrated homeland lives in your heart, all and every part of Syria, which is proud of your rejection of conditional release under occupations terms, underscored President Assad. You once more have preferred the agonies of detention to non-complete freedom and that glory is never to be gained through half-solutions but by dignity, pride and steadfastness in the face of aggressors.

The hero Al-Maqt struggle and sacrifices along with those made by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism and enemies are but to enlighten the path for our present and coming generations toward a free and dignified future, to a definite promise to liberate every pan of the sacred Syrian territories.

A soon to be meeting with Al-Maqt by President Assad is but a commissive speech act as to be united with our family members and people in the soon to be free and liberated Golan.

By logic and international law, Mr. Sidqi's is anti-terrorism and innocent of any criminal record; he is a freedom and resistance fighter who has every right to be freed and to live with his family and to visit the sacred monument of his late mother, whom he was denied to attend her funeral.

The late hero mother, Mahmouda Ali al-Maqt , in her last statements to the press,  expressed her pride in her son who was raised on loving the homeland and defending the Golan Cause.

The occupation has prevented me from seeing my son since he was sentenced five years ago. How can the occupation authorities deprive an elderly father and mother of the right to visit and see their son!” al-Maqt’s mother pleaded.

She added that the occupation authorities have deliberately moved her son to al-Naqab jail in southern Palestine, “so that I cannot visit or see him because of my old age,” noting that these practices are part of the psychological punishment which the Zionist authorities deliberately subject the prisoners and their families to.

After serving 27 consecutive years of imprisonment in the Israeli jails, Israeli occupation authorities re-arrested Al-Maqt, the longest-serving Syrian Arab prisoner in Israeli jails, on February 25th, 2015 after he unveiled the direct support provided by the Israeli occupation to al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups fighting the Syrian Arab Army in Syria.

The Israeli occupation authorities released Al-Maqt in 2012 after serving 27 years in imprisonment, as to re-arrest him again on February 25th, 2015, after they broke into his family’s house and tampered with his belongings and confiscated his mobile phones and laptop without giving any justification for this blatant transgression.

On May 16th, 2017, the occupation authorities issued a 14-year imprisonment sentence against Al-Maqt after his trial had been postponed dozens of times.

Hopefully, Israeli occupation authorities were to consider such stances of commitments to the homeland besides yesterday's UN General Assembly overwhelmingly demand to withdraw the entirety of the occupied Syrian Golan up to the June 4th 1967 line in compliance with relevant Security Council resolutions.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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