Get Out Occupier

President Erdogan stated yesterday that Turkey's occupation troops will not leave Syria until the people of Syria demand that!

"We will not leave Syria until the people of Syria say, 'Thank you, you may leave now'", Erdogan  said at a rally in Istanbul according to the Sputnik.

What a deception! The people of Syria have never invited Erdogan's occupation troops to their country. All the people of Syria of all Syria's rich mosaic components have been paying a very heavy price and great losses at the hands of terrorist groups affiliated to Erdogan.

 The insane and rude statements by Erdogan do contradict with and violate the ongoing robbery, slaughter, exploitation and occupation on the ground.

Turkey’s early involvement in, if not preparations, for the war of terrorism against the people of Syria from 2011 is the main reason for the ongoing against Syria.

To cite but a one recent foreign press quote, here is what the Irish Times said on Friday: “Without Turkey’s early involvement, the protests would have ended and the government would have initiated promised reforms,”

“While Turkey was not the only external power to intervene it was the first, the most prominent and provided access to others,” the newspaper said.

Turkey intervened in the conflict in Syria two months after the start of the 2011 protests by convening a meeting of Syrian opposition factions in Istanbul and recruiting terrorists for what was later named the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the Irish Times said.

“Protracted unrest has enabled Ankara to achieve territorial ambitions in Syria, ,” the newspaper said. In military operation launched in 2016 and 2018, Turkey invaded critical towns in northern Syria with the help of the Turkey's affiliated to terrorist groups.

Erdogan's deaf ears and blind eyes to the Syrian people rejection of his new-ottoman hallucinations would definitely cost him a lot. Occupation troops should, sooner the better, evacuate and withdraw from the sacred sovereign territories of the Syrian Arab Republic


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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