The people of the Syrian Army

The liberation of Aleppo, the industrial capital of Syria, Damascus Countryside, Daraa, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and every Syrian quarter and portion of territory has been the focus and the center of Syrians and their anti-terrorism allies'  hero fight against multinational terrorists from around the globe.

As the Syrians celebrate the recent liberation of Aleppo Countryside from terrorists, the steadfast and hero citizen president Bashar Al-Assad made a televised speech to the nation, if not to all humanity.


The Syrian Army, under the general command of President Assad, has indeed been the army from the people and for the people as no army ever could achieve victory unless the people are united with it in its battle, and when it is united with the people in their vision and cause, and ''this is what we have witnessed in Aleppo and other Syrian cities, where you embraced the army it protected you, defended you, and made sacrifices for you.''

The people of the Syrian Army live in security and safety because of the sacrifices of their family members in the hero army. These very people have lived years of pain, heartache, and sadness, for the loss of a dear one that gave their life for the lives and happiness of others. To these very people, H.E. President Assad dedicated victory as they themselves who brought up and raised the great Syrian Army and allied forces.

President Al-Assad addressed the brothers, friends, and allies who stood shoulder to shoulder with the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism.  These are the very people who have been defending not only their people but all the people of the world against terrorism.

These are the very people of the Army who "had to pay a great price equal to the greatness of its people and the patriotism of its position; years of violent and barbaric shelling that affected most neighborhoods, tens of thousands of martyrs, injured people, orphans, people who lost children, and widows. Years of siege without water or electricity or other life necessities, "

Yes, Your Excellency, Mr. President: the people are preparing for the coming battles and would pursue the fight against terrorism regardless of some empty sound bubbles and unlimited support by terrorism backers, and would pursue the battle for liberating all Syrian soil, crushing terrorism, and achieving stability not only in Syria, but all over the region.

Yes, Mr. President, the last hope to achieve brotherhood project has been foiled and Aleppo is but  the grave where the dreams of butchers and new colonialists are buried.

 The decision, as President Assad underscored on December 7, 2016, as to liberate all of Syria has been taken since the beginning, including the liberation of Aleppo; we have never thought for a single day about leaving and region without liberation and the liberation of Aleppo from terrorists means that no real cards would remain in the hands of the terrorists or in hands of the states supporting the terrorists.

Syria is our life and every span of its soil is more precious than soul and Aleppo is our lungs to breathe; hence the magic of Aleppo is known for all who love and appreciate it and not only for those who were born and lived in it, as outlined Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria, upon hosting  a group of Martyrs'  Mothers from the liberated City of Aleppo.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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