Not limited to Bloodshed - Erdogan's regime Burns and plunders Crops of Syrian Jazeera Region

With help of terrorist mercenary tools, the Turkish regime, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is continuously stealing and looting the Syrian people's economic capabilities in the context of an open economic war targeting Syria's strategic wealth, especially that which directly relates to food security, such as wheat and barley crops.

Erdogan has turned into a thief, stealing the wealth and capabilities of the Syrian people. Turkey’s Sanliurfa Governor, Abdullah Erin,said: “The Turkish Agricultural Crops Office shall buy wheat and barley of Syria’s Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ayn cities, at a value not less than the market price, in addition to facilitating purchase of the crops by private companies.” Clearly, this is a routine used by the Turkish occupier to steal and plunder strategic crops.

Reckless Illegality!

The U.S. occupation forces in Syria are reinforcing their illegality and violations of the Syrian territories, sending yesterday a large convoy of 35 vehicles  to northeastern Syria as their build up in al-Hasakah Governorate is increasing around the clock!

US occupation forces penetrated yesterday  northeastern Syria from the illegal Al-Waleed Crossing that links neighboring Iraq to the al-Hasakah Governorate.

Crazy Remarks!

US Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker's recent statements regarding Russia and its role in Syria do call for laughter at such an evil and soundless call on Russia to “go out” of Middle East.

 Mr. Schenker's statements do contradict the reality on the ground in Syria. The role played by Russia has been a pioneering fight against multinational terrorists; many of them groomed up and backed by US reckless and selfish policies as a weapon to subjugate sovereign and independent countries, not to mention the blundering of their resources.

The role of Russia has been constructive in the interest not only of Syria's stability but of the regional and global stability against forces of darkness, ignorance and exploitation. This constructivist role has been baptized by the sacred blood of Russian soldiers on the Syrian ground.

"A sin against God…"

The Syrian people have been fighting multinational terrorism in defense of the entire globe. Yet, many big powers seem to have nothing to offer them except sanctions, threats and exploitation.

The USA and its satellite EU seem in competition as to prolong the Syrians' suffering through illegal  coercive sanctions and blockade.

Unfortunately, such inhumane measures against Syrians add but salt to their bleeding wounds during more than 9 years of terrorism war, not to mention poor economic conditions and COVID-19 pandemic.

Erdogan's Regime and Israeli Occupation Entity – Trade Increased / Animosity Faked

The renewed theatrical shows, staged by Head of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the state of animosity with the Israeli occupation entity, have piled lies about defending the Palestinian people’s interests. Such shows have truly become exposed to the public opinion especially so that Israeli entity’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently described the increased intra-trade and strategic relations with turkey as deeply rooted, thus exposing the whole issue albeit the propaganda ‘animosity’ bubble.

Erdogan's regime lately tried to cover up an Israeli cargo plane landing in the city of Istanbul, saying it was delivering medical aid to confront the Corona virus, demanding from its media outlets not to talk about the matter. However, Israeli website ‘Israel in Turkish’ revealed that the new cargo plane would lead to a thrive in commercial relations between the two sides to record levels .