Your Own End!

Turkish President Erdogan said yesterday that his country has “no intention to invade or annex the Syrian territory.”

Why should Turkey Mr. Erdogan invade or annex the more of Syrian territories. Scanderoon and other dear parts of Syria occupied by Turks are definitely to be restored.

Speaking at an event of his ruling party in Istanbul, Erdogan flagrantly dictated the Syrian Army and their allies on where to withdraw from the Syrian sacred soil, liberated from his own terrorists by the sacred blood and heroism of the Syrians and their brothers from anti-terrorism axis.

More Injustice !

Palestinian chiefs say that Trump’s so-called peace plan contains 300 violations of international law and they will take it up with the Security Council. That’s nearly two violations per page. Given the document was put together by America and Israel, both lawless and criminal to the core, no-one is surprised. It is a brazen expression of criminal intent from start to finish.

Terrorists in Uniforms!

Mr. Erdogan has been adamant on destroying the Syrians life to the last grain of their daily living. Erdogan and his extremists and terrorists have blundered every part, resources and infrastructure where their foot treads!

Every kind of support has been provided by Erdogan and his ruling party to multinational terrorists from around the globe, including logistics, training, means of killing, poisonous and sick teachings. Under the pretext of observations posts to disarm and monitor terrorists, Erdogan and his mushrooming posts, as the Syrian Army and its allies liberate the more of the Syrian sacred soil, are now involved directly in attacking the owners of the occupied territories.

Erdogan's Reckless Policies

President Erdogan of Turkey stated yesterday that Turkey will not let Syria's government gain more ground in the terrorists hotbed of Idlib province.

Erdogan's statement yesterday came after some Turkish occupations soldiers in Syria were killed  in a legitimate act of defense by the Syrians as part of targeting terrorism.

Erdogan mobilized his occupation troops in Syria as a support for the tens of terrorist groups allied and affiliated to his regime.

No official invitation was addressed by the Syrian Government to the occupying Turkish troops, which are massed up in so-called observation posts; but not as to spread and make peace but as to back, arm and even fight  against the Syrian Army and its allies .

Mr. Erdogan, further exploits the agreements reached with Russia as regards observation posts and  fight against terrorism.

According to many analyses, the reality of Erdogan's reckless policies and support to terrorism has been exposed to the Russians.

A recipe for oppression!

The Palestinians and the Syrians of the Israeli occupied territories are not the USA red Indians, Mr. Trump! Peace is sacred and blessed are the makers of peace; Mideast Peace Process has been founded on international legitimacy resolutions, particularly 242 and 338.

Mr. Trump is  twisting and changing the UN legitimacy into US cow-boy de facto as an electoral campaign cards. President Trump's so called ' deal of the century' is no more than a recipe  for death! The already dead 'deal' is but to prolong unrest, instability and slaughter.