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Washington & Ankara, the exchange of conspiratorial roles

From the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the US and Turkey have been offering unlimited support to terrorist groups operating in Syria to hinder all the efforts exerted to resolve the crisis peacefully. Erdogan's regime assumed the responsibility of training and facilitating the influx of terrorists coming from more than eighty states into Syrian territories. It also facilitated the plundering acts carried out by terrorists against Syrian infrastructure, especially the industrial facilities in Aleppo and other nearby areas.

As for the US, it formed the so-called illegitimate international coalition which committed scores of massacres against Syrian citizens in al-Jezira area. Moreover, the US forces have been offering military and logistic support to QASAD, the separatist militia which has implemented the US schemes in the Syrian al-Jazeera region through the brutal acts of kidnapping, raids and armed robbery of the public and private properties, houses and intimidating citizens.

Army's defeat of terrorism, an extension of October victory

 The Syrian people are celebrating today the 46th anniversary of the October  War of Liberation ,which is considered an outstanding landmark in the modern history of the Arab nation and a shining example of valor, heroism and glory.

Immediately after the correction  Movement, the late great leader President Hafez al-Assad began the process of rebuilding the Syrian army to be ready for the battle of liberation against the Israeli forces of occupation. The late great leader Hafez Al Assad built Syria, modernized it and re-built its military in order to liberate stolen Syrian territory.

The Occupier Can Never Give Another Occupier!

 Mr. Erdogan's unbalanced policies, not to mention his backing and support to terrorism, deem it necessary to wonder whether this politician has already lost every reason in politics or on the way leading to his abject failures, if not catastrophes.

His sword-rattling and illegitimate occupation and threats to invade eastern Syria do contradict his orders to Turkey affiliated terrorist groups in Idlib to unite as to allude to supposedly Sochi understandings!

According to different news sources and analyses, Erdogan wants more from the US in Syria! Two occupiers want to strike deals at the expense of the Syrians and their Syria's integrity and sovereignty. The US-Erdogan so-called ''security mechanisms'' in eastern Syrian is but a flagrant violation of every reason and legitimacy.

A new episode in the chemical farce

The statement made by the US Secretary  of State Mike Pompeo a few days ago in which he accused the Syrian Arab army of launching a chemical attack in Lattakia city last May is groundless and baseless as it is part of the US and Western distortion campaign to defame the Syrian state and the Syrian Arab Army. The goal is to aggravate tensions and prolong the crisis.

Pompeo's allegation is a big lie that is considered a new episode in the chemical farce of hypocrisy fabricated by the US and its Western allies to level threats and accusations against Syrian state and army.

Idlib: Haven for Terrorism

Idlib has been turned into a hotbed for multi-national terrorists from tens of countries! The unwavering backing by foreign countries to the terrorists operating in Syria do add fuel to the fire of terrorism.

According to Prometheus, the Cyprus Mail, If no solution is found, the troubled Syrian province could turn into an Al-Qaeda caliphate

Idlib is bleeding. The terrorists,who lost the war in Syria, are trying to retain power in the country’s north-western province at the cost of civilian lives. This is the final obstacle to attaining peace in the country.