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Hussein Askary: By assassinating General Soleimani in Iraq, Trump Administration has put the world into new uncharted waters

Hussein Askary is an Iraqi-born Swedish citizen. He is the Southwest Asia Coordinator of the International Schiller Institute. Askary has worked as an economic and strategic analyst on Southwest Asia and North and East Africa for the Washington-based weekly magazine Executive Intelligence Review since 1996. He is the co-author of several books on the New Silk Road strategy and its impact on the world economy.

The following is the full text of the interview:

Q1: The White House and the Pentagon claimed responsibility for the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq, saying the attack was carried out at the directives of US President Donald Trump. As you know, commander Soleimani was an international figure representing the Axis of Resistance.

Anti-daesh Warriors

The illegitimate and criminal US targeting of anti-daesh (ISIS) warriors and resistance heroes on Baghdad Airport Highway does add more of savagery, criminality and absurdity to the non-stop US recklessness and blatant support to daesh and all other terrorist organizations.

The US flagrantly liquidated  some of the top and best fighters against terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, if not worldwide! President Trump's, not to mention others' please-do-it, order to assassinate such high ranking  officials from the Axis of Resistance and  of the oppressed backers,  is but a turning point in modern history!

The Chinese (Belt and Road) Initiative ... an economic rise and a blow to American influence in the region

Yesterday, President Bashar Al-Assad praised the "Belt and Road" initiative launched by China, considering that it constituted a strategic shift at the level of international relations in the world, especially as it relied on partnership and common interests instead of Western domination attempts. In a speech earlier, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah called for cooperation with China to avoid economic collapse, so how will this Chinese initiative return to Syria and neighboring countries? Will it actually lead to economic stability?

China's role highlighted

The Syrian-Chinese relations are crucial to the reconstruction and building operations in Syria, plagued by about 9 years of foreign-backed war by multinational terrorists.

President Assad made it clear, in his recent Chinese Phoenix Television interview that the most important stage in reconstruction, which comes later and constitutes the most serious challenge for us, is restoring daily activity especially economic livelihood.

Concrete Proof

We didn’t use it; we cannot use it, it’s impossible to be used in our situation for many reasons….when you’re advancing, why would you use chemical weapons?!, underscored President Bashar Al-Assad.

In his recent interview with RAI News 24, His Excellency added that  this is a weapon of mass destruction, you talk about thousands of dead or at least hundreds.  That never happened, never – you only have these videos of staged chemical weapons attacks.  In the recent report that you’ve mentioned, there’s a mismatch between what we saw in the video and what they saw as technicians or as experts.  The amount of chlorine that they’ve been talking about: first of all, chlorine is not a mass destruction material, second, the amount that they found is the same amount that you can have in your house, it exists in many households and used maybe for cleaning and whatever.

That’s what the OPCW organisation did – they faked and falsified the report, just because the Americans wanted them to do so.  So, fortunately, this report proved that everything we said during the last few years, since 2013, is correct.  We were right, they were wrong. This is proof, this is concrete proof regarding this issue. 

According to different media publications, a leaked email dramatically indicated that the UN’s poison gas watchdog had butchered and censored a critical report on an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

A dissenting scientist, employed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) says in a leaked email that investigations on the ground at Douma have produced no hard evidence that the alleged gas attack took place. It appears that these facts were deliberately suppressed in published OPCW reports.

The email makes no attempt to suggest what did happen in Douma. It simply points out that hard evidence, gathered and examined by non-political scientists, does not support the officially endorsed version. And it claims that this resulted in the OPCW redacting the report to the extent that its conclusions were misrepresented.