People of Syria wrote music thousands of years ago: Czech website

PRAGUE, (ST)- All the discoveries conducted by researchers and archeological experts from different parts of the world in Syria have proved that Syria was a culturally rich and prosperous country, the Czech European News" website said in a report on Saturday, citing the deeply-rooted Syrian musical traditions.

The website said that people of Syria wrote music thousands of years ago.  This fact was proved through the 29 tablets which were discovered in Ugarit in 1950 and which date back to 3400 years. On some of these tablets, the first musical note in human history was written, the website added, pointing out that 20 years after the discovery, it was identified that the written songs were dedicated for different social occasions.

 The website also referred to the discovery of other clay tablets near the city of Mari on which records for the producers of musical instrument were written. The records documented what the then artists needed to produce musical instruments such as leather, gold and silver.

These discoveries helped researchers have a clear vision about the kind of musical instruments used in ancient times, according to the website.

Hamda Mustafa