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A Researcher Documents more than 100 Archaeological Sites in Sweida

Sweida  governorate is an open museum of archeology and monuments dating back thousands of years to the Greek and Romans eras.

The province  has a wonderful mountainous  nature and is considered by the standards of the United Nations a natural museum of ancient and historical monuments in all cities, towns and villages of the province

Highlighting the historical and cultural heritage of Sweida, was a main  goal sought by researcher Kamal Al-Shoufani, who during 15 years has documented the archaeological sites which  he visited in various parts of the governorate.

  The Head of the Antiquities Committee at Al-Adiyat Society in Sweida researcher Al-Shoufani told SANA   "I spotted and took  pictures of the most important archaeological sites to document them , during the tours organized by the society for temples and buildings dating back to various historical periods starting from the Stone Age”.

Al-Shoufani added that his keenness  on highlighting   the archaeological sites in Sweida  stemmed from his  interest in  travelers  and archaeologists’  rich books  which  he has begun to translate   describing the  unique Syrian antiquities which Syria  is famous for. 

The researcher indicated that he has translated  four books so far  written by a number of archaeologists  and orientalists  and  written a book entitled “Travelers of the West in Jabal Al-Arab”, pointing out that his interest in documenting  has  contributed to  increase  his knowledge of the most important archaeological sites in Sweida  and  discover more .

Al-Shoufani underlined that  his work  comes within the framework  of other  researchers’ efforts  and interests  in highlighting the important archaeological sites in the province and placing them on the Syrian tourist map to be a destination for tourists..

Rawaa Ghanam