Russian archaeologists design three-dimension sample for Palmyra

Moscow (ST): A number of archaeologists from the Institute of Tangible Heritage affiliated to the Russian Academy for Sciences have completed a detailed  three-dimension sample for the city of Palmyra to facilitate its reconstruction.

In a press statement quoted by Sputnik News Agency, the Institute said that the project aims to preserve  the old city of Palmyra and reconstruct it, noting that the sample was presented to the General Directorate of Museums and Antiquities in Syria.

The Institute added that about 55000 high quality air photos were taken to complete the sample accompanied by thousands of land photos that document the main archaeological pieces of the site which has been greatly damaged by terrorists.

Director of Museums and Antiquities Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud said that following the devastation caused by the terrorist Daesh organization, our friends in the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted a three dimension documentation project for the city.

He added that the project came within the framework of cooperation with the Russian side to serve the Syrian cultural legacy, noting that the projects also include restoration of archaeological finds and requalification of Palmyra Historical  Museum. 

Palmyra lost many important archaeological pieces during the first attack launched by the Daesh terrorist organization in 2015 including Bel Temple, Baal Shamin Temple, Victory Arch and the colonnades in the Valley of Cemeteries.

The city was liberated by the Syrian Arab army in March 2017.