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An archaeological bed found in Palmyra desert, ISIS terrorists tried to smuggle it out the country

During  search operation  in Palmyra desert after defeating Daesh terrorists , the  competent authorities found a perfect archaeological piece representing a large funeral bed which weighs about 1,000 kg.

Daesh terrorists stole  this archaeological piece from one of the ancient cemeteries of Palmyra  and they  tried to  smuggle it outside the country.

"This important archaeological piece represents a funeral bed of white limestone decorated with  beautiful ornamentation and  engravings with a picture of a man wearing a Palmyra uniform. In addition there is a picture of a woman with a Palmyra robe sitting at his feet." Lubabah al-Ali, secretary of Homs Museum told SANA.

Hama Antiquities Directorate Saves Hundreds of Syrian Artifacts from Terrorists

HAMA, (ST)- Hama Antiquities Directorate has unveiled a box containing some 300 artifacts dating back to different ages and that has been hidden by the directorate so that the terrorist gangs don't steal it when they captured the archeological city of Apamea

The box contained statues, statues heads, jewelry, pottery vessels and glassware.

A statement by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums said on Thursday that Director of Hama Antiquities Abdul Qader Farzat ordered two workers at Apamea museum  to put the artifacts in an iron box and bury them. According to the statement, after the recent liberation of the archeological city and the museum of Apamea by the Syrian Arab army, the box was pulled out with the help of the army and the contents were taken to safe places.

The Directorate of Antiquities receives a three-dimensional documentation model for the archeological city of Palmyra

The Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums has received a three-dimensional model of Palmyra from the Institute of History of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud, Director General of Antiquities received the model from Natalia Solovyova, Assistant Director of the Department of Archeology at the Institute of History and the representative of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation.

UNESCO agrees to make a study to lift “old Damascus” from the list of endangered heritage

BAKU, (ST)_The world Heritage Committee at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) agrees to lift “old Damascus” from the list of endangered heritage.

The step came during UNESCO’s 43rdsession being held in the Azeri capital of Baku.

Due to the terrorist acts which targeted old Damascus and a number of Syrian archaeological sites, the UNESCO decided in 2013 to include these sites in the list of endangered heritage to draw attention to the dangers that encircle this world human heritage.

Syrian Antiquities, Showcased in "The Splendor of Asia" Exhibition in Beijing, Attract Big Number of Visitors

BEIJING, (ST)- The Syrian antiquities currently showcased in the Syrian stand participating in the "Splendor of  Asia", Exhibition, held at the National Museum of China in Beijing, have attracted many visitors who are interested in Syria's civilization and cultural  heritage.

 The Syrian stand in the exhibition, which sheds light on Asian civilizations, displays 37 archeological pieces that date back to different ages, starting from the pre-historic ages until the Islamic ages, and presents a clear idea about the ancient Syrian civilization.

Mahmoud Hammoud, Director General of Antiquities and Museums (GDAM) in Syria told SANA that the Syrian participation in the exhibition, in which 23 Asian countries are taking part through 451 artifacts, is the first of its kind in terms of cooperation between the GDAM and the National Museum of China.