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Book Fair in the eyes of Syrian and Arab writers

Scores of prominent Syrian and Arab writers took part in the 31st book fair recently concluded at al-Assad Library. They expressed admiration of the various artistic and cultural activities held during the event and highlighted its role in reviving the Arab culture and boosting its role in the life of Arab citizens.

Secretary of the Artists' Union actor Zoheir Ramadan said that the fair was very important to show the ability of the Syrian people to overcome the crisis and confront cultural invasion.

Writer Falak Husariya said that what distinguished the fair was the great interest accorded to children's literature as objective children's writings are considered immunity to children, especially in confrontation of the adverse impact of the internet on children's culture and personality. She highly evaluated the symposiums and activities held on children literature.

A Tour in Book Fair at al-Assad National library

On September 12, Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, Vice-President Najah al-Attar inaugurated the 31st Book Fair at al-Assad National library.

In addition to Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Iran, Russia, Indonesia and other countries participated in the 10-day Fair.

Two books by the authors Adel Mahmoud and Rita al-Hakim mix many creative genres in the book fair

In the activities of the last day of the book fair at Al- Assad National Library, Adel Mahmoud and Rita al-Hakim signed two books about the war in Syria by offering a mixture of many literary genres.

Mahmoud's book entitled" the betrayal of the impossible"- Kheyanat al-Mostaheel- includes different types of literary texts that reflect human sufferings such as fear, oppression and sadness. He also described the great suffering of the Syrian people as a result of the terrorist war that was launched on the country, adopting the combination of multiple genres like thoughts and poetry.

Rita al-Hakim book's entitled "Death is elegant when standing in front of the camera" that includes many texts talk about women and their dreams of another beautiful world. The writer also focused on the Syrian woman suffering during the war and how strong she was in facing the problems and obstacles of society throughout the difficult years of the war.














The Open War

Syrian writer Dr. Nadia Khoust has recently published her new book under the title of "The Open War ". The book, which was dedicated to the fighters of the Syrian army, the Lebanese resistance, Iran and Russia, reviews the impact of the unfair war launched against Syria, highlighting the role played by culture and intellectuals in defending the homeland and people.

Dr. Khoust deals with Syrian culture, the future of the Arab culture and the role of culture and education in confronting

Terrorism as intellectuals play a crucial role in raising the awareness of people towards their causes. 

One chapter of the book was devoted to deal with the culture of diversity in Syrian society. The writer said that the peaceful co-existence of all spectra of Syrian society was one of the main factors that strengthened the Syrian steadfastness in confrontation of the global war launched against the country. 

The Dirty War on Syria

One of the most important books written on the war on Syria is titled "The Dirty War on Syria" by Australian writer Tim Anderson. The importance of the book lies in the fact that the writer managed to uncover the reality of what is going on in the country to the western public opinion and the sinister schemes adopted by the US and its allies to wage the terrorist war on Syria since 2011.

Anderson, who is a lecturer of political sciences at the University of Sydney, clarified the ways of cheating and lies through which Western powers fabricated to create a situation that contradicts events by misleading media campaigns. Anderson has written the best organized assessment of western lies and their refutation.

In the first chapter of the book, Anderson  views that the war on Syria was an episode in a series of the US plans to achieve for  what is called "New Middle East", to dominate the region with the aim of halting resistance against Israel and plundering the region's resources.

In the second chapter, the writer deals the war propaganda and the misleading media channels that distorted facts. The writer also casts light on the propaganda techniques of media channels and the network of human rights bodies and other international bodies which function as loudspeakers for the Washington's colonialist plans. A number of newer western NGOs such as the White Helmets have been established by the US specifically for the war on Syria. The main task given to the White Helmets group is disseminating false information about the situation in Syria. The White Helmets, who style themselves as a non-governmental organization, systematically release vast amounts of false information about Syria to serve the Western agenda in Syria.