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More than 280 books published by the Syrian General Book Authority

Damascus, ST- Since the beginning of the year, the Syrian General Book Authority  has issued 282 books in the fields of literature, arts, translation, children's literature, research and political thought, as well as participating in 17 exhibitions in various governorates.

As part of the Authority’s preparations to develop a work strategy for the coming year that would achieve further development at the level of the periodicals issued by it and the directorates affiliated with it, its board of directors held a meeting yesterday headed by Dr. Thaer Zainuddin, Director General of the Book Authority.

Symposium on Anderson's books about Syria and the Resistance Axis

Al-Sham Private University held a symposium on Australian writer Tim Anderson's books "The Dirty War on Syria" and "The Axis of the Resistance". Anderson, who is a teacher of Political Sciences at Sydney University, said that he supported his books with authentically-documented information about the history of Syria, the axis of the resistance, the role of media war against Syria and the attempts made by some Western states to disseminate lies and distort facts about what was going on in Syria.

Children's Book Fair opens its second session with the participation of 21 publishing houses

 On December 2, the Ministry of Culture opened the Children's Book Fair’s second session under the title of ‘Reading Ups Minds’ at Al-Assad National Library.

21 publishing houses from Syria, Lebanon and Iran participated in the 10-day exhibition, which includes more than 9000 titles distributed on 28 pavilions.

The Exhibition includes books and publications for children, accompanied by artistic, literary and musical events and workshops held daily at Al-Assad National Library.

The Minister of Culture Mohammed Al-Ahmad said:

“One of the Ministry's concerns is the child’s  as children will build the future and enhance Syria’s culture and civilizational role.”

Minister of Education Emad Al-A’zab said: “This exhibition has a cultural and intellectual content and supports our students through the development of their intellectual and mental abilities.” 

Home In The Eyes of Expatriate Siham Youssef

“The Two Twins-My Mother And Syria” .. The first novel experience of the writer Siham Youssef

Siham Youssef, born in 1961, was educated in the schools of Malikiya and Qamishli. She moved to Sweden in 1978. She worked as an Arabic teacher in the schools of Bucherka. She then got the certificate of a sworn translator from the University of Stockholm and still works as a sworn translator in Swedish-Syriac Arabic to the official departments in Sweden. Several articles have been published in the Syrian newspaper al-Watan and the Syrian website al-Rai.

“The Lost Lesson from the Arab-Israeli Struggle” by Dr. Rizk Elias…

==The October Liberation War confirmed the validity of the theory that the late President Hafez al-Assad adopted in preparing for the war…

==President Bashar al-Assad has placed the issue of the liberation of Golan at the forefront of the national priorities.

  A 525 page long and eight chapter book titled "The Lost Lesson from the Arab-Israeli Struggle, written by Dr. Rizk Elias" has been recently published by the Syrian Ministry of Culture - the Syrian General Book Organization.