Head of the Armenian Protestant community in Syria, signs his book “missionary speech”

Priest Harutyun Suleiman, head of the Armenian Protestant community in Syria, signed on Sunday his book "Missionary Speech" at the Bethel Church in the city of Aleppo.

The book simulates faith and humanity and highlights the values and principles of justice and equality in addition to providing a positive vision related to addressing the  ambiguity and darkness that surround human being in life.

The thoughts of the book are divided into 33 sermons with different axes, arranged in five chapters and written in the Armenian language.

The novel (Phenicle) merges fantasy with reality and recalls the legacy of Syria to the world

The novel Phenicle was the only survivor of the fire that the terrorists had set  to the house of its author, Ahmed Wanous.It was released in a printed version, to narrate the story of an ancient and honorable history, of a steadfast homeland and the pain, heroism and sacrifices that this country has endured.

The novel, which won the Hanna Minah Award of the Syrian General Book Authority in 2018, tells the story of a Phoenician princess who taught the world the meaning of life and its sciences when the Phoenicians  were masters of knowledge and science while the West did not even have knowledge of  fire and was living in the Stone Age.

Creations of international writers and thinkers among the folds of a new magazine, Jusoor

Various creations of international writers and thinkers in different kinds of knowledge and literature were included in the latest issue of the quarterly cultural "Jusoor" magazine published by the Syrian General Book Authority in addition to the German philosopher Walter Benjamin.

The issue was launched by the ministry of  culture in a speech titled "Translation is a multi-language" and spoke about the presence of Arabic in the field of translation, while Editor-in-Chief Hossam El-Din Khaddour addressed in an article entitled “Translation is part of a cultural scene that is constantly evolving” the National Project for Translation calling our national universities to expand its educational plan to include teaching other languages Like Chinese and Hindo.

The chapter of "thought" in " Jusoor " magazine included various articles and studies, including an interview with the late writer Dr. Malika Abiad . Also the  role of translation in the comparative literature of Dr. Surjeet Singh and Arwal translated by Dr. Adnan Azouz and the role of the Bakhtyshu family in medicine translated by Dr. Fadel Najadi in addition to translation as a creative work of Yves Mason translated by Dr. Muhammad Arab Saasil and others.

New book by Czech writer on Queen Zenobia of Palmyra

PRAGUE, (ST)- A new book, published recently in the Czech capital Prague, has depicted the life of Queen Zenobia of Palmyra.

The 385-page book, titled "Zenobia, the Queen of the Syrian Desert",  was written by Czech writer Jiri Tomek and it gives details about Queen Zenobia who ruled Palmyra between 267-272 AD.

The writer said in his book that Zenobia was wise and educated .She was  also a beautiful, brave and highly ambitious woman.

“We Have a Life in Imagination... A novel depicting the bravery of our valiant soldiers in Raqqa

In his novel, "We have a life in imagination", the wounded hero Azzam Ahmad narrated some stories of heroism and steadfastness that he had lived through with his colleagues in the Syrian Arab Army in the city of Raqqa in 2013 and 2014 . 

Azzam, who works as a civil engineer, confirmed that writing the novel was intended to convey the true image of the events of that period, indicating  that the name of the novel came from the fact that our valiant soldiers "have lived through very strange and difficult imagination-like events as they were waging the fiercest battles against the Takfiri terrorism."

During the signing ceremony of the novel, the wounded writer narrated, through a documentary film, about the legendary steadfastness and the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army soldiers and the honorable people of Raqqa who supported the Syrian Army men against the Takfiri and terrorist gangs.