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Dr. Ka'adan's books on the terrorist war against Syria

Dr. Mohammed Yahya Ka'adan recently published three books on the importance of Syria's geographical location, the invasions and conspiracies to which the region was subjected to over different periods of time and the terrorist war against Syria.

In the first book, Ka'adan reviews the colonialist projects hatched against the Arab Homeland and the conspiracies of some Arab regimes against Syria through the so-called Arab Spring. The author clarified that the Arab Spring was invented by the US and its Western allies and marketed by some petro-dollar states and Turkey with the aim of achieving colonialist political and economic objectives.

The author also dealt with the social market system, the development of education in a way that achieves comprehensive socio-economic development.

In the second book "Al-Mukhtar" (The selected), Ka'adan casts light on the appearance of terrorism and the takfiri organizations which tried to destroy Syria's infrastructure in implementation of Western conspiracies. The writer reviewed the battles waged by the Syrian Arab army to foil these conspiracies, especially in Aleppo.

One chapter of the book was devoted in dealing with the Israeli role in supporting the terrorist groups operating in Syria through offering them unlimited military and logistic support and medical aid. The writer said that Netanyahu's government tried desperately to support the terrorist organizations but the heroic deeds of the Syrian army men foiled the Zionist conspiracy.

The third  book "Shahba" sheds light on the relationship between the conspiracy against Syria and ISIS terrorist organization which was used by the US and Israel to achieve sinister objectives, especially plundering the region's resources and ending resistance to Israeli occupation.