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Historical topics about Lattakia .. A book that documents ancient relics of its history

Damascus, ST- Historical topics about Lattakia is the title of the book recently issued by the Syrian General Book Establishment by   the researcher Khaled Fattahi. The book talks about the ancient relics in Lattakia, its history and the industries that the city is characterized by.

The 264-page book deals with many poems, in addition to miscellaneous news to interest the reader. The writer also mentioned at length the history of earthquakes in Lattakia.

Fattahi explained in details the history of Salah al-Din Castle in Latakia, Roman columns, Roman Theater and cinemas. He also devoted a full chapter on pictures and paintings that documented many characteristics of the city and its famous sites which many of them have changed while others have completely disappeared.

In his book, the researcher presented some theories of the extinction of the kingdom of Ugarit, pointing to the various clay figures found in this Phoenician civilization. He also mentioned the invasions against the peoples living on the coast from the Aegean and Balkan archipelago areas. Fattahi adopted hypothesis   about the occurrence of a huge explosion that was considered the largest natural disaster in human history that caused the phenomenon of dark ages during the twelfth century BC.

Dr. Fattahi born in Lattakia in 1939, he obtained his master's degree in mechanical engineering from the Bauman Institute in Moscow. He also received a PhD in Production Engineering.  He has taught at the universities of Damascus, Sanaa and Tishreen and he wrote many scientific works in mechanical engineering.