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“The Two Twins-My Mother And Syria” .. The first novel experience of the writer Siham Youssef

Siham Youssef, born in 1961, was educated in the schools of Malikiya and Qamishli. She moved to Sweden in 1978. She worked as an Arabic teacher in the schools of Bucherka. She then got the certificate of a sworn translator from the University of Stockholm and still works as a sworn translator in Swedish-Syriac Arabic to the official departments in Sweden. Several articles have been published in the Syrian newspaper al-Watan and the Syrian website al-Rai.

From the depth of her pain and sadness, the syrain expatriate writer Siham Youssef about her pain twins between her real mother and her mother country Syria, which led her to her feelings towards the two on paper in a 317-page novel titled `` The Twins Mom and Syrian '' dedicated to the spirit of her mother and to the mothers of the martyrs of Syria and her small family.

The Sweden-based writer talks about her sick mother, who insisted that Syria should be the last stop of her life. Coincided the truth with the acceleration of the unfortunate events in Syria since its inception in March 2011 until the death of her mother in May 2013 to be a true documentation the follow-up events in all its field and terrorist details , She told  Syria Times newspaper .

What is interesting in the novel is the mention of the real names of prominent people from her friends and friends in Damascus, the names of doctors who treated her mother, the names of hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and restaurants in Bab Touma, Abu Rummaneh and Mashta Helou, in addition to the names of churches, which puts the reader in the real geography of events the next day. In the old lanes of Bab Touma, the Church of the Olive Quarter, Abu Nawras went to the Harika area and the Hamidiya market to shop some items. Writer Siham Youssef pointed out.

And about the second novel of the writer Siham Youssef entitled "Sea of tears and the land of candles" she said.

"I am working as an expatriate sworn translator in Sweden. I tried to document in this book the stories of people who lost relatives in the paths of migration while crossing to Europe, which are real stories that I have seen, heard and conveyed from them, sad and joyful," Siham told ( ST)

The writer Siham explained that she chose the narrative style to present the stories she lived in an attempt to document the truth about what was suffered by the displaced, especially in light of Western media misinformation and distortion of facts, pointing out that she will work to translate the book into English, especially after the echo of her first book entitled ““The Two Twins-My Mother And Syria” “In the Swedish circles after his translation, they learned about the reality of life in Syria in the light of the terrorist war.

How do you see the situation now in Syria?  Youssef said.

The interview of 31/10/2019 was great. President Bashar al-Assad spoke with political realism, national responsibility, moral values, and transparency, which gave comfort to the audience about their homelands, the honor of identity and the pride of belonging. She added.

As a result, after hearing the dialogue of His Excellency, I can say with great faith and greater confidence that victory is achieved and the future is bright and Syria will remain the land of civilization and peace. Siham Youssef concluded.

Interviewed by :Haifaa Mafalani