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Symposium on Anderson's books about Syria and the Resistance Axis

Al-Sham Private University held a symposium on Australian writer Tim Anderson's books "The Dirty War on Syria" and "The Axis of the Resistance". Anderson, who is a teacher of Political Sciences at Sydney University, said that he supported his books with authentically-documented information about the history of Syria, the axis of the resistance, the role of media war against Syria and the attempts made by some Western states to disseminate lies and distort facts about what was going on in Syria.

Al-Sham University Rector Dr. Yasser Hourieyeh underlined the importance of the two books as they explained the dimensions of the conspiracy against Syria which aimed to serve the objectives of the Zionist entity.

Dr. Isabella Zaidan, the lecturer at Damascus and al-Sham Universities, said that hosting a distinguished researcher such as Anderson is a great event, because he was one of the first intellectuals who disclosed the objectives of the terrorist war launched against Syria.