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More than 280 books published by the Syrian General Book Authority

Damascus, ST- Since the beginning of the year, the Syrian General Book Authority  has issued 282 books in the fields of literature, arts, translation, children's literature, research and political thought, as well as participating in 17 exhibitions in various governorates.

As part of the Authority’s preparations to develop a work strategy for the coming year that would achieve further development at the level of the periodicals issued by it and the directorates affiliated with it, its board of directors held a meeting yesterday headed by Dr. Thaer Zainuddin, Director General of the Book Authority.

 Dr. Zainuddin stressed the necessity to create windows for sale in universities in Tartous, Homs, Hama, Al-Suwayda and launch a series for early childhood issued by the Child Publications Directorate of the organization.

Anas Al-Hassan, director of printing, presented the difficulties facing the directorate’s work, including the scarcity of most of the printing materials due to the unfair coercive measures imposed on Syria and the few number of employees of the Directorate of Printing.

In turn, Dr. Muhammad Qasim, director of the Arab Heritage Revival Directorate at the Commission, asked for specific measures that should be presented in the criteria for selecting approved manuscripts for printing.

Noha Wannous, the director of the exhibitions, indicated that the Syrian General Book Authority 's participation in the exhibitions this year amounted to 17 exhibitions to date, in addition to the activities in which the body  participates in  schools and book signing parties.

Areej Bawadkji, Editor-in-Chief of "Shama" Magazine explained the magazine's articulated changes in form and content, as it had a visual identity specializing in early childhood.

Qahtan Bayrakdar, Editor-in-Chief of “Osama” magazine reviewed the activities accomplished in the magazine in 2019, starting with the publication of the special issue on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its founding and ending with the exhibition of artists of “Osama” magazine, which was widely welcomed by the readers and had a wide resonance among the public.