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Barretta, an exhibition of creativity and revelation brings together nine artists

Damascus, ST- (Parita) in Aramaic means creation and creativity, and this word brings together nine plastic artists in one exhibition and one word  which is" art" and creativity.

The exhibition held by "Alf  Noun" Gallery for Art  with the participation of many artists: Bashir Badawi, Jan Hanna, Jumah Nizhan, Fartikis Barsoumian, Shadia Daaboul , Ghassan Akl, Nimat Badawi, Noha Jabara and Nour Al Zayla'a. Their participation covered works of   different genres such as :drawing, sculpture, graphics by using  suitable materials to attach one value: love and human being.

Crochet, an ancient female art, based on creativity.

Crochet is a handmade process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of thread, which can be of silk, cotton or wool.The name is derived from the French term crochet, meaning 'small hook'.

Crochet art is one of the traditional handicrafts that Syrian women practice in cities and the countryside. They created square-shaped fabrics in bright colors, or many napkins to decorate tables. It is considered to be a continuation of traditions that reflect the spirit and nature of human interaction with this deeply ingrained art in history.

Resisting cultural invasion ... the title of a symposium held in Abu Rummaneh cultural center

Damascus, ST- A group of researchers highlighted the importance of cultural invasion resistance in light of the terrorist war that was launched against Syria, choosing "turkification" as one of the main subjects that should be treated during a seminar hosted by the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh.

The symposium held by Idlib branch of the Union of Arab Writers and the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh, in which the researcher  Bakkour al-Aroub, coordinator of the Syrian Center for Public Opinion Research in Damascus, talked about the attempts of the Turkish cultural invasion through drama, especially historical one. Dr. al-Aroub pointed out that what the Turkish regime is doing is nothing but attempts to weaken the Syrian role in the resistance and to support the Zionist entity. 

Paintings Traced by Poetry, words sculptured by stone

What was exceptional in the art exhibition held at the Old Tartous Gallery was not the theme or techniques used in that exhibition but the harmony between various arts such as fine art, sculpture and poetry. This was the initiative of a group of artists in Tartous province.

Shawkat Assi, an artist and painter participated in about thirty paintings that included a number of subjects such as landscape and portraits, painted with different textures and technique like oil painting, ink and charcoal, considered the exhibition a message of love and unity of the homeland.

Art Figures on Tree Trunks

Artist Bahaa  Eddin Safia, from Tartous,  loved art from his  childhood, and gave it  all his time and effort. He was young when he started to draw paintings through which he tries to express his love for nature.

Safia's artistic genius started when he began  drawing on the wall. He created beautiful paintings expressing his love for his city, Tartous .His personal initiative started from the gardens of the city where he began to decorate  the trunks of trees using bright colors of water acrylic.

In his works, Safia documented the most famous  Syrian comedian dramatic characters, such as “Ghawar Al-Tosheh, Abu Antar, Yassin Baqosh, and Hosni Al-Bourzhan,”and many others who left a distinguished mark and good impact on people's minds.