'Syria is Life' Exhibition Depicts Resistance against Terrorism

Around 13 artists from several generations are taking part in an art exhibition opened Monday in Abo Remmaneh Cultural center in Damascus under the banner "Syria is Life".

The exhibition includes 20 paintings and 3 sculptures depicting resistance against terrorism, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted member of the Baath Arab Socialist Party Mohammad Anis Qaddour as saying in the opening ceremony that life goes on in Syria thanks to the victories of Syrian Arab army over terrorist groups.

 "The exhibition reflects Syrian people's ability and will to continue living despite pains," Qaddour added.

On his part, the artist Isam al-Maamoun said that he used red colour in his painting to show psychological state of Man such as fatigue and sadness. "the Painting is not decoration. It must depict a deep thinking, especially nowadays."

Another artist, Sawsan Ibrahim, said that she depicted Syrian woman's role in society.

Ministry of Culture and Artists Union are playing key role in supporting talented youths despite difficult circumstances the country is going through.

Syrian artists reject to be on the fence 

Within this context, SANA quoted the artists Lina Rezq, whose exhibition was opened today in the 'Dama Rose' hotel in Damascus, as saying that the Syrian artists rejected to be on the fence and they preferred to adopt a national stance towards what is going on in the country.

"Each Syrian citizen must fulfil his/her national duty during the current difficult circumstances," she added, stressing the need to go ahead with effective and constructive work.

Lina Rezq exhibition was held under the patronage of Ministry of Tourism. 

Basma Qaddour