Tarboosh is a legacy and a symbol of cultural

Tarboosh is a close-fitting, flat-topped, brimless hat shaped like an incomplete cone, usually bright red to dark burgundy. There are two types of tarabeesh, some of them are made of pressed wool (felts) or of cloth with a black silk tassel, lined with straw.

It is worn especially by Muslim men throughout the eastern Mediterranean region either as a separate headgear or as the inner part of the turban. The tarboosh worn by women is made of rich materials and adorned with ornaments.

The origin of the word tarboosh is from the Persian Sarbush. The meaning of the word (headdress). It was known at first as ( Sherbush).  It was then replaced by the word Tarbush. Until 1952, the tarboosh remained prevalent in Syria, and is still used by many scholars and religious leaders, artists to use in their works, tourists, to this day….

The tarboosh was introduced originally to replace the turban in the Ottoman military so it was an Ottoman legacy but has remained a symbol of culture and also a symbol of Syria's social status and then it became an essential part of government uniforms. Those who did not adhere to it were punished.


Lara Khouli