Colorful Whispers" exhibition held in Tartous"

The old Hall in Tartous hosted an exhibition entitled "Colorful Whispers" with the participation of a group of children and artists who exhibited drawings of various subjects and styles.

The exhibition was organized by the Ornina Fine Arts Studio in cooperation with the branch of the Union of Fine Artists. It includes about 150 works of 45 children and 20 artists from the Ornina Artists' Group.

Artist Samaher Dalla, director of the studio, explained that this  exhibition has been  held annually since 2008, pointing out that these kinds of exhibitions aim to increase cultural and artistic awareness of children and to discover their talents which reflect their sense through colors.

Artist George Chamoun, the manager of the Ornina studio, pointed out that training and guiding children and young people affects them positively and helps them to improve their artistic taste.

Dr. Lubna Ali participated in a panel entitled "Freedom of the Spirit is stronger than the limitations of reality", to draw the imagination of the unruly horse through   an old vehicle parked beside the wall, by using the suitable colors.

The artist Gofran Al-Abdeh pointed out that the priority of participation in the exhibition was for children, but it included all the members of the studio teachers and students. And she participated in a drawing that blended light and fire to reach the meaning of love and giving.

Among the participants was Lara Wannos, 16 years old, who expressed through her drawings old music in a very beautiful way.

Khoder Kassem, 14 years old, participated in several drawings, one of them embodies civilization and the ancient musical heritage of Arabs.

The 12-year-old Jana Jded shared in a drawings inspired by nature.


Lama Razzok

Edited by: Maysa Wassouf