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Ayman Mohamed was able to develop his artistic talent by self-effort

Hama, ST- In addition to his talent for painting, artist Ayman Mohamed was able to form exquisite wooden sculptures, his creative energies enable him to draw many distinctive works that help in enriching the art movement in Syria.

His discovery of his talent was not early, he drew the first painting on the wall of his room when he was seventeen years old, and according to him, this painting surprised his acquaintances and friends. After that, he continued his attempts to draw faces of those people around him.

The artist Ayman used to visit painting galleries and exhibitions and spend hours in the handcraft markets in Damascus to monitor the art movement and to acquaint the paintings and artists and tools they used in accomplishing their works.

Muhammad, who is 42 years old, sees that every new work he accomplishes gives him a strong impetus to complete more paintings, stressing that he is still an amateur and has not yet entered the world of professionalism and that his creativity is the culmination of his innate talent, which he developed by self-efforts  away from any academic study.

Ayman's creative talent  in drawing enables  him to move to other types of arts such as handicrafts, recycling of some materials, engraving on wood, collecting stones and seashells to form  pieces then coloring them by using water and plastic  colors that give the piece more a distinctive and aesthetic form.