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Artist Nabil al-Samman combines Syrian mythology, with present and future

Damascus, ST-  In his solo exhibition entitled "Qeyama',  artist Nabil al-Samman links the ancient Syrian civilization with its immortal  myths, and the present  embodying  contemporary Syrian man who is capable of creating life, beauty and hope despite pain through a special artistic style characterized by  skill  and beauty.

The exhibition, which was hosted by al- Zawaya Gallery, includes 51 works of oil painting technology, with sizes varying between medium and large. The paintings are characterized with the embodiment of children and women.

The plastic artist al- Samman  said to SANA: “These works were carried out between 2012 and 2019 during the difficult circumstances that our country passed  through and  I chose childhood because of its real symbolism that  reflects  hope  for a prosperous future.

Al-Samman said that he tried through  his exhibition to express his vision of the future of Syria, stating that the presence of women in his paintings depict  the mothers, wives and daughters of the martyrs and the children in his works are the sons of the martyrs.

The plastic artist Nabil al-Samman was born in Damascus in 1957, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Department of Architecture in 1981, and he is a member of the Syrian Plastic Artists Union. He held  many individual exhibitions, in addition to his  participations in group exhibitions inside and outside Syria . Most of his works are acquired by the Ministry of Culture .