"Abaq" Heritage Festival in Hasaka a message that Syria will continue to be the cradle of civilization

The Syrian people, despite all the difficult circumstances they have experienced because of the heinous terrorist and economic war, have never stopped feeling proud of their deep-rooted bright past and never lost their hope for better present and future.

 The Directorate of Theaters and Music in Al-Hasaka launched on Sunday the “Abaq” (Fragrance) Heritage Festival to send a message to the whole world that Syria has been the cradle of civilization and that terrorism and its supporters have failed to destroy its deep-rooted civilization or defeat the will of life inside the Syrians.

Various artistic, cultural and heritage activities will be shown during the one-week festival, including an exhibition of heritage items from the Syrian al-Jazira region in addition to folklore performances and musical and lyrical concerts by the Culture Directorate band.

The exhibition, organized by the Cultural Association "Safsaf Al-Khabour", displays more than 100 heritage items representing the lifestyles of the people of Hasaka over the past hundred years. Exhibits included household items, sewing and weaving tools, industry and manual farming equipment, individual weapons and equipment for livestock breeding.

Director of the festival Ismail Khalaf told SANA that this cultural event is a message that terrorism has not been able to undermine the will, heritage and civilization of the Syrians and thanks to the  valiant Syrian army, Syria is recovering from terrorism which tried to obliterate the Syria’s ancient cultural identity.

Hasaka Culture Director Mohamed Al-Falaj affirmed the importance of the festival because it highlights the region's rich tangible and intangible heritage as an important component of the Syrian history and civilization, stressing the need to introduce these heritage treasures to the young generations through holding various activities that elucidate the features of our heritage and the beauty of our customs and traditions.

The Chairman of the Board of Safsaf Al-Khabour Association Ahmed Al-Hussein said that the exhibition is a step towards documenting the popular memory that represents people's economic, social, cultural and intellectual life in the Syrian al-Jazira region and summarizes life during the past era.

Amal Farhat