The archaeological hall in the Forty martyrs Cathedral in Homs is a historical landmark

The archaeological hall in the Forty Martyrs Cathedral in Bustan Al-Diwan neighborhood in the center of Homs is one of the most prominent archaeological landmarks in this city which is rich in archaeological monuments – having witnessed the  successive civilizations in Syria.

The hall was built next to the Forty Martyrs Cathedral on the ruins of the ancient great church- the oldest church  in Homs which dates back to the fourth century AD where Saint Helena, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine, built a number of Churches and monasteries.

Syrian Caricaturist Raed Khalil Wins the Second Prize at the international Competition in India

Syrian Cartoonist Raed Khalil won  the second prize at  the first international competition which was held in India on the occasion of the birth  centenary of the late former  Prime  Minister PV  Narasimha Rao..

He was an Indian lawyer and  politician , who always  raised his voice against injustice and led the country through a critical phase.

225 caricaturists   from 30 countries participated in the competition, where the first  award went to Peru and the third one to India, in addition to distributing three  special prizes  among cartoonists  from India..

Khalil said in a statement to  SANA  that this award means a lot to him.  

He  stressed the competition serves his  artistic project aimed at addressing social issues and highlighting the positive and negative aspects of life and society at  world level.

It is worth mentioning that   Khalil was born in 1973. He  is a caricaturist  at  the “Al-Baath” newspaper and  the Syrian Arab TV..

Syrian film “Niqab al-Rooh” wins three international awards in Italy

Syrian film "Niqab Al-Rooh"  ( The Veil of the Soul ) for  the director and author Alaa Shukri Al-Sahnawi won three international awards at the ONIROS   Film  Awards  in Italy..

The ONIROS Film Awards is an international Monthly and Annual IMDP qualifying competition based in Saint-Vincent, Italy, celebrating films and filmmakers from all around the world.

Concerning  the awards and their classifications, Al-Sahnawi said in a statement to SANA that the film won the Best Film Award and another prize  for the Best Screenplay and the award of  Best Soundtrack within the ONIROS  Film Awards.

Eleven Male and Female Artists & Sculptors- Pulse of Art 2020 at Julia Dumna Hotel, Damascus

With the participation of eleven artists and sculptors from different ages, an art forum entitled “Pulse of Art 2020” was recently organized by the Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Julia Dumna group.

The three-day gathering at the Julia Dumna Hotel aims to shed light on cultural activities, contemporary Syrian plastic art and the distinguished works of artists, especially following the terrorist war on Syria and the Corona pandemic, as evidence of the return of life to the Syrian street, according to the exhibition official Renan Sha’ban. She indicated that since 1999, the Julia Dumna group has offered to host exhibitions and cultural and artistic gatherings, to introduce Syrian artists and their creativity, explaining that the chosen place of the exhibit was  in front of the hotel to allow all passers-by and those interested in  artwork to view the exhibit.

The Cultural Center of Abu Rummaneh presents a Russian film on terrorist crimes in Libya

The Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh presented the new Russian film ( Shogali) which shows the reality of Western-backed terrorism, war and chaos  in Libya.

After the film screening, a group of Syrian political figures  and artists held  a two-hour  seminar to discuss the film.

The events of  Shogali film tackles the story of the illegal arrest of the Russian sociologist Maxim Shogali and his translator Samer Suivan in a prison in the Libyan city of Mutaika for a year ago, while they were conducting a serious study on Libyan society to know what is happening in this country.