Fine Art ‘Feather’ of Young Syrians - Creativity at Annual Young Artists Spring Exhibition

In more than 70 various works, adorning the walls of Khan As’ad Pasha in the Old Quarter of Damascus, the young Syrians’ art feather has appeared in the annual Spring Exhibition, organized by the Directorate of Fine Arts in the Ministry of Culture, to encourage young fine art talents.

The works included in the exhibition showed a good level of artistic performance in sculpture, carving and painting, in addition to innovated ideas presented by four Video Art works.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Sana al-Shawa, said that the exhibition was part of the Ministry of Culture's ongoing program for young artists, noting that the exhibition was not only an annual event but rather a project aimed at motivating young people, urging and directing them to the right place.

Folk Dances reflecting the heritage and genuineness of Syrian cities performed by the Nirvana Band at the Theater of Culture in Homs

Nirvana Band for the Dancing Theater, has recently performed a dance show entitled “Paintings from my country” at the Dar Al Thaqafa Theater (culture theatre) in Homs, during which thirteen dances reflecting the heritage of Syrian cities were presented.

Bilal Arafeh, the band's director, mentioned that the show depicts the history of Syria, its authenticity and popular heritage, noting that the starting show represents the Popular Market, then it turns into a Café in addition to the dances of “The Mawlawi, Panorama of the Arab world, The Levantine Heritage, The children’s show, A folkloric dance for each province of Syria and several folk performances.

The group includes 32 young men and women from the age of 8 to 26, distinguished by outstanding talent and high performance.

Muhammad Nour Zarden and Aya Abel, from the Band, pointed out that the audience was eager to return to the recreational cultural activity after the quarantine period and they interacted enthusiastically with the performance of dancers during the show, especially children, indicating that the group seeks to spread joy and perpetuate Syria's unique heritage and ancient civilization.

It is noteworthy that the "Nirvana" group was established in Damascus in 1991 then moved to Homs in 2006 to continue its artistic activities there.

Amal Farhat

7th Youth Cinema and Short Film Festival aims at supporting amateur and professional filmmakers

The Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival opened at the Opera House in Damascus on Thursday in its 7th edition with the participation of 23 films.

 The festival, organized by the General Establishment for Cinema, is part of the national Youth Cinema Support Project that is aimed at encouraging and supporting young amateur and professional film makers, writers and directors.

Among these films, was the short feature film, (A Very Ordinary Day) which was screened at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts on Sunday. The film narrates the story of a taxi driver, who is touring the streets and meets many people affected by the current circumstances.

  Anas Zouahri, the director of the film "A Very Normal Day" told Syria Times e-newspaper: “’A very normal day’ reflects the real life of people and it talks about daily constant suffering of all social classes. It is just like a circle and that all people enter into it regardless of their principles and classes”.

7th Festival for Youth Cinema and Short Films honors prominent Syrian actor As’ad Fiddah

The currently-held Festival for Youth Cinema and Short Films yesterday honored the prominent Syrian actor As’ad Fiddah for his key role in the development of the artistic movement in Syria and for his long and rich artistic career.

The 82-year old actor has been considered as one of the Arab artists who laid the foundation stone of art in the Arab world.

Fiddah got several outstanding awards and appreciation certificates from local, Arab and world artistic bodies for his drama, cinematic and theatrical works.

Fiddah studied at the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts in Cairo. After graduation in 1962, he returned to Syria and sought to promote the art of theater in the country by presenting dozens of theatrical shows.

A young Painter makes use of his hobby in acting and preparing TV programs with a comic template

Ali Al-Muhammad loves all  arts and excels in the art of drawing with charcoal, where he finds that the harmony of white and black colors represents life in all its contradictions. He created for himself a unique style that he executes with high  professionalism despite his relatively short artistic experience that dates back to eight years.

SANA quoted Ali as saying  that he chose charcoal drawing as a specialty that he favours as it is the closest to his feelings and spirit.  He focuses on portraits, where he chooses  the faces of his artistic figures from the photos of artists, famous figures, friends and relatives, as he adds his own touch to those photos to appear professionally on paper.