Art is a Message that Transcends all Languages

Art is a part of our culture. It is the expression of our creative ideas  and imagination.  Art is there to remind us of values that we uphold..

The fine artist Jihan Zain  Eddin   reflects through her artistic experience   mature visions  which are rich with human and aesthetic subjects and values.

 “art is a message that transcends all languages and carries philosophical, human and social features. Art  is the best way to express  our own pure and roaming emotions” artist Zain Eddin said in a statement to SANA .

Zain Eddin’s artistic skill is characterized by  using  various engraving techniques. She   made it clear  that she  has  an  expressive and abstract collection of artworks  in which  she used   metal  and wood printing techniques .

Messages of Peace and Love from Damascus the cradle of civilization to the world

At the sideline of the activities of  “Culture in your home” festival ,  which kicked off on Thursday ,  a musical evening was presented by Al-Hujra choir(chamber music) in Khan Asaad Basha in old Damascus city.

The musical  evening was organized  without an audience within the framework of  the preventive measures adopted by the Ministry of Culture to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

The  event’s objective was to send a message of love and peace through music to the world and al-Quds(Jerusalem) “ the flower of the cities” .

Gabala Dance band contributes to enriching the cultural life in Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Established in 2014, Gabala Dance Band has been one of the Syrian dance groups that has contribute to enriching the cultural life in Syria.

Gabala has worked during the war in Syria. It obtained the themes of its performances from the steadfastness of the Syrian people during the ongoing war and from their deep-rooted history.

Gabala is an ancient name for the city of Jableh that goes back to the Hellenistic age, said Founder of the band Afaf Abdallah.

 Abdallah left Damascus to Jableh in Lattakia in 2013 because of the terrorist war and joined the cultural center in the city where she was introduced to many artistic talents that helped her found Gabala dance band.

Wide participation of artists from different countries in an electronic exhibition

Fine artists from Syria and abroad have released their works within an electronic art exhibition on social media websites which is organized by the Ornina Forum for Culture and Arts in Homs.

According to the Director of the Ornina Cultural Forum Raymon Kapron who told a SANA correspondent that the exhibition aims to disseminate culture and the sense of art and humanity, and develop thought and the sense of beauty, especially during this period in which most cultural activities stopped and the websites became the best outlet  for publication and communication with the public.

“ Deal of the Century will not Pass thanks to Resistance” a Literary and Artistic Competition Launched by Iranian Cultural Center in Damascus

Under the title “Deal of the Century will not Pass thanks to Resistance” , the cultural  center  of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran  in Damascus  has launched the third session of  Imam Khomeini annual competition  for literary and artistic creativity in poetry, story and plastic arts.

The competition in the field of poetry requires that the number of verses of the participating poem range between  20 to 25 verses and  the short story does not exceed 5 pages and 12,000 words written in Classical Arabic. The plastic arts of the competition  include photography, acrylic, and graphics.