Syrian artist transforms environmental wastes into artworks

 Syrian artist Thamer Shmait’s exhibition, currently held at the Arab Cultural Centre in the city of al Hasaka, includes about 200 artistic works made from natural materials such as paper and wood from the local environment.

In the exhibition, which is organized by the Directorate of Culture in cooperation with “Syria al-Yamama” Charity, Shmait displays diverse sculptures, oil paintings and flowers made of natural materials.

Deir Ezzour: US military convoy targeted by an explosive device in eastern countryside

Deir Ezzour, (ST): A US convoy of vehicles was targeted by an explosive device as it was passing in al-Basira area in Deir Ezzour eastern countryside.
Local sources told a news reporter that the explosive device detonated as a convoy comprising several US military vehicles was passing near Essa al-Osman petrol station in al-Sabha village in Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside.

Lavrov affirms necessity of defeating terrorism completely in Syria & resolving crisis politically

Moscow (ST): Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has affirmed the necessity of defeating terrorism completely in Syria and resolving the crisis in it politically through  Syria-Syrian dialogue without any foreign interference according to the UN resolution No.2254.

Meeting the Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives Akila Saleh, Lavrov clarified that Russia supports the complete implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution No. 2254 for resolving the crisis in Syria  and affirms the necessity of the political solution through inter-Syrian dialogue.

Protest demonstrations in Spain, Norway and the United States, rejecting the occupation's plans to annex Palestinian lands

Madrid-Oslo,(ST)-The Spanish city of Barcelona and the Norwegian city of  Oslo witnessed protest demonstrations, rejecting the plans of the Israeli occupation to annex parts of the West Bank.

Participants in a demonstration in front of the Barcelona City Hall organized by the Palestinian Community Association and the Spanish parties called on the international community to recognize the State of Palestine and hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its crimes against the Palestinians.

Athens: Thousands demonstrate in protest against Israeli occupation annexation plans

Athens (ST): Thousands of Greeks took to the streets of Athens and gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in protest against the Israeli occupation plans to annex parts of the West Bank.

President of the International Solidarity Committee Stavros Statos  made a speech in which he demanded the Greek government to implement the Parliament decision regarding the recognition of the Palestinian state according to June 4th borderlines  with Jerusalem as its capital.