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Turkification, Crimes of Killing and Kidnapping Continue in Syrian Areas Occupied by Turkish Regime

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Turkish-backed terrorist organizations and mercenaries alongside the Turkish occupation forces in the Syrian city of Afrin continue to commit murder and kidnapping crimes  against the locals in the areas that have been occupied by Turkey since March 2018. These crimes have been accompanied by an active Turkification campaign by Turkish occupation in the areas under its control.

 According to local and media sources, a civilian from Afrin in Aleppo northwestern countryside was recently tortured to death at the prisons of the Turkish backed “Al-Hamzat Free Army” terrorist group. Another civilian was kidnapped in the vicinity of the city by another terror group called “al-Amshat Free Army”. The kidnappers asked his family to pay $3000 ransom to release him.

US, Allies Using Terrorists as Tool to Balkanize Syria, Says Analyst

Having failed to seize control of Syria, the US and its allies have switched to a “plan B” and are using the militants they support in the Arab country to advance their goal of breaking Syria into pieces, an analyst tells Press TV.

Janice Kortkamp, independent researcher and journalist based in the US state of Virginia, told Press TV’s The Debate program on Monday that the US and its allies - including the UK and Saudi Arabia - “were literally fomenting and manufacturing sectarian distrust” and violence in Syria to undermine the Damascus government.

A Trip To The Golan And Liberated Qunaitra

The bus left Damascus to the Golan with a group of young university students on board, all of them dreaming of a day when peace, stability and prosperity will prevail in the region, dreaming of a day when lovers can sit on the banks of River Jordan, whispering under willow and elm trees, birds chirping above them, and children running joyfully in the vicinity. They dream of swimming and splashing in the waters of Tiberius, with older men and women relaxing on the basalt rocks, listening to the roar of waterfalls, while ailing people bath in the sulfurous water of al-Hemma. They were dreaming of a day when students flock to natural sites and historical places to enjoy their beauty and cultural importance, where men and women ski on the snows of Mt. Hermon, while shepherds graze their sheep in the green meadows and play their flutes.

The Golan was always in the heart of the Levant, a unifying element of its countries and a center of interaction between civilizations. Old man settled it, and Jesus Christ crossed it bearing the banners of love. Its stones are witnesses to the victories of the battles of Yarmouk, Hattin and Ein Jalout .The bus crossed the villages along the road, one after another, to stop at a junction already made by River

al'Aawaj (The Winding River). The guide started: "We are in the refugees camp of Khan al-Sheeh. The Khan was built by the Memlouks as a hotel on the road between Damascus, Jerusalem and Cairo". "I see houses not tents". Reem Said. "True" The guide smiled at the young lady and continued:" First it was a camp set by Palestinian refugees, after Israel had occupied their country and expelled them from their homes in 1948. Year after year the camp became a shanty town, but Palestine is still nesting in the heads of refugees.

Syrian Army's Operation against Terrorists in Idleb "Absolutely Legitimate": Russian MP

MOSCOW, (ST)- The First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Jabarov has stressed that the Syrian Arab army's operation against terrorists in Idleb is "absolutely legitimate".

"The Syrian army is doing its duty, which is defending the Syrian lands against terrorists," Jabarov said in a statement on Monday, pointing out that Russia supports Syria's counterterrorism efforts.

The Russian parliamentarian reiterated his country's rejection of any kind of intervention by any country in Syria without a request from the Syrian government.

Putin to Macron: Russia Supports Syrian Army's Efforts to Neutralize Terrorist Threats in Idlib

FORT DE BREGANCON /France- Russia supports the Syrian government army’s efforts against terrorists in the Idlib governorate as it is the location used by terrorists as a launching attack point, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday at a joint news conference ahead of talks with his French counterpart, Emanuel Macron.

He drew attention to the fact that before the establishment of a demilitarized zone in Idlib terrorists had controlled fifty percent of its territory whereas now 90% of Idlib’s territory was controlled by terrorists. "We see them staging attacks from there. Moreover, and it is very dangerous, we see militants moving from this region to other parts of the world, and it is an extremely dangerous thing," he said, according to Itar Tass.