Israeli settlers steal Palestinian olive crops

Today, Israeli settlers stole the olive crops of al-Jabaa village, southwest of the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, and cut branches of trees, the head of al-Jabaa village council Diab Mashaleh asserted.
He told WAFA news agency that al-Jabaa villagers discovered -when they reached their land- that settlers from the illegal Beit Ain settlement had stolen their crops from about 100 dunums of land owned by 30 people and that the settlers have also chopped branches of the trees.

Syrian researcher named Head of the International Scientific Conference to held in India next year

The Syrian student and researcher, Eng. Hassan Al-Helou, was named Head of the International Scientific Conference that deals with the latest developments in the field of electrical power engineering and control technologies and that is to be held next March in India at the invitation of Dr. Nidhi Singh, the conference supervisor.

Al-Helou graduated from Tishreen University in Syria’s Lattakia coming first among his colleagues. He was appointed a lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Power Engineering. Then, he was sent to Iran where he is currently doing a Ph.D at the Isfahan University of Industry and Technology.

Al-Helou has done several research works published in the most prestigious international scientific magazines. He was internationally honored on several occasions, most important of which was when he was granted a certificate of appreciation and considered among the most influential researchers in the world in his specialization.

Start of work of WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean with the participation of Syria

With the participation of Syria, the work of the 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean was launched today via Internet and will last for two days.  During the session, Minister of Health, Dr. Hassan Muhammad Al-Ghabash, was elected as deputy head of the regional committee.

In his speech, Minister Ghabash noted that the world is still facing a major challenge due to the Corona pandemic, which has left long-term health, economic and societal effects on various countries of the world- which in turn requires everyone's solidarity and cooperation to come out with the least possible losses from the repercussions of this epidemic.

Despite the war and the unjust blockade, the Syrian General Organization of Books has issued 138 books since the beginning of the year

The Directorate of Printing in the Syrian General Organization of Book since the beginning of the year to date has issued 138 books, out of the plan for the year 2020, which is limited to 220 books.

Despite the quarantine measures to confront the Corona pandemic and the effects of the terrorist war and the unfair siege on Syria, the Directorate of Printing has continued to publish books, magazines and periodicals dealing with various fields of creativity distinguished in quantity and quality.

Damascus Hospital diagnoses a rare disease, and the British Oxford magazine documents and publishes it

The British Oxford Medical Case Reports documented and published a rare scientific case that was diagnosed in the General Authority of the Damascus Hospital (Mujtahid) of a child with Thenvard Syndrome, a rare genetic disease that usually ends with self-amputation of limbs.

The case published in the journal is for a 6-year-old girl whose initial evaluation after admission to Damascus Hospital revealed the presence of  deep, non-healing ulcers on her lower extremities that progressed to spontaneous mutilation of her toes and distal phalanges.

More details are available in the following link:

Inas Abdulkaree