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SSNP holds blood donation campaign for wounded Syrian soldiers

Under the slogan 'For You Syria", the Syrian Social Nationalist Party has held blood donation campaign in several provinces, including Damascus, to express gratitude to the Syrian Arab army's sacrifices.

Head of the Party Joseph Sweid said that the campaign synchronizes with the anniversary of the March 8th revolution and the preparations for the parliamentary elections due to be held next month.

"Syrian nationalists are real partners in the national requirements, constitutional policy and homeland's building," he added, affirming that the parliamentary elections reflects Syria's sovereignty and independence in adopting national decisions.

The number of blood donators reached up to 2000 in provinces of Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, Sweida, Lattakia and Tartous, according to Orweh al-Azen, a member of the SSNP.


Basma Qaddour