DCRS Hosts Prof. Tim Anderson

 Prof. Tim Anderson, a Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney, asserted similarity aspects between the ongoing in and against Syria and tens of the non-traditional wars which have been launched by Washington, particularly in Latin America.

In a lecture by Prof. Anderson, organized by the Damascus-based (DCRS), Damascus Center for Researches and Studies, April 12th, 2016, cited the contradictions in Washington's discourse and its claims to 'protect the Syrian People' and the reality of the US actions on the ground against the same Syrian People!

"scores of the US wars have been based on fabrications and lies as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya,'' Prof. Anderson underscored, touching further on the propaganda war by Washington as to mislead and blur public opinion regarding the reality on the ground in Syria.

The 'Neo-Colonialism' was another topic focused at by Anderson. Colonial forces are working for the invention of a new colonialism through the use of economic sanctions and culture hegemony, not to mention the invented pretexts under the so-called 'humanitarian intervention'  and 'responsibility to protection'.

The political reform process and the hurdles facing it in the last decade was another topic of discussion during Prof. Anderson's lecture, who also shed light on the then political moves and the diametrical differences between the Syrian opposition  and its agenda before 2011 and after.

Prof Anderson lashed out vehemently at the so call 'moderate opposition', which does not exist.

The main focus of Prof Anderson's lecture was on his recently written book : ' The Dirty War on Syria: Washington, Regime Change and Resistance', being under translation to Arabic by (DCRS).  


 M. Wassouf