Syrian Government Keen on Boosting Economic Cooperation with Iran, Russia: Premier

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Prime Minister Imad Khamis has stressed that the Syrian government is keen on enhancing economic cooperation with Iran and Russia.

During his meeting on Wednesday with Iranian economic delegation led by Iran's Assistance Minister of Economy and Finance Ferhad Zargar, Khamis said economic cooperation with Iran was very important to strengthen elements of steadfastness in the two friendly countries.

 The premier said that Syria will press ahead with fighting terrorism with complete support by its friends, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On his part, Zargar reiterated his country's firm political and economic support for Syria until the country recovers from terrorism and security is restored nationwide, because, he said, Syria stands at the frontline against terrorism.

The Iranian official expressed Iran's willingness to support the Syrians in the reconstruction era as it did in Syria's war on terrorism, pointing out that this can be achieved through the participation of the Iranian companies in supporting economic development and reactivating trade exchange in the interest of both countries.

Earlier, the Syrian and Iranian economic and technical delegations held talks to put mechanisms for implementing the agreements signed between Syria and Iran in the areas of economy, oil and mineral resources, communications, agriculture, industry and finance.

Syria, Russia to enhance economic ties

On Tuesday, Khamis and the Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Kinshchak discussed ways to boost economic relations between Syria and Russia and means of  enhancing cooperation in fighting terrorism which targets the independence and sovereignty of all countries in the region.

The  prime minister asserted that combating terrorism requires enhancing economic cooperation between the two countries and inventing new ways and solutions to support coordination particularly because opportunities are abundant for the Russian companies to carry out different investments in Syria.

Kinshchak, on his part, said that the Russian-Syrian military cooperation in counter- terrorism sends a message to the world on seriousness about fighting terrorism and about supporting humanity's track of civilization and development. He hailed the deeply-rooted economic cooperation between Syria and Russia.

Syrian-Russian economic relations continue to grow and they are expected to witness greater development after the terrorist war on Syria comes to an end and terrorism is uprooted from the country.   

Hamda Mustafa