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New Israeli Aggression a Futile Attempt to Support Terrorism: Army General Command

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The General Command of the Syrian Army and Armed Forces confirmed on Thursday that the Syrian air defenses repelled and destroyed most of the Israeli enemy’s missiles that targeted a number of Syrian military positions Thursday dawn.

 The Command said in a statement that "the Syrian Arab army’s confrontation of the new Israeli aggression stresses once again that the Syrian soldiers are ready and on high alert to defend the homeland’s dignity and sovereignty against any aggression."

“Our air defense systems managed with high efficiency and complete readiness to confront and destroy a large number of the Israeli missiles fired consecutively today dawn targeting a number of military positions,” the Command statement said.

It added that the missiles which reached their targets caused the martyrdom of three people, the injury of two others, the destruction of a radar station and ammunition warehouse and the material damage in a number of air defense battalions.

The command renews its “complete readiness to confront any aggression with high sense of responsibility and great decisiveness,” reiterating “the futility of any attempts to support terrorism which is being collapsed under the strikes of our army.”

Hamda Mustafa