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Zionist Enemy's Aggression on Syria a Response to Terrorist Groups' Defeat: Foreign Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The new Israeli aggression on the Syrian territories comes within the framework of the aggressive policy of the Zionist entity and in response to the defeat of its tools, namely the terrorist groups in Syria, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has stressed.

An official source at the Ministry said in a statement on Thursday that the Israeli enemy at dawn attacked some Syrian military positions with tens of missiles, but the Syrian army air defenses efficiently encountered and downed most of the missiles.

 The direct engagement of the Zionist entity and its supporters in the confrontation, after it has been hiding behind its terrorist tools, indicates that a new era of aggression on Syria has started directly with the original enemies after their terrorist agents were defeated, the source added, pointing out that this aggression will be also by encountered by the heroes of the Syrian Arab army with the same determination and this a legitimate right recognized by the international law.

The source concluded the statement by saying that this Zionist aggressive behavior won't succeed in reviving the defeated conspiracy scheme in Syria and it will lead to nothing but to more tension in the region; something that poses serious threat to international peace and security.

Hamda Mustafa