Several SDF militia leaders flee to Turkey amid wide defections among SDF members in flashpoint areas

The ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ militia put the men it recruited by force at the frontlines of the battle, while dozens of the militia’s members hid among displaced people and ran away from Raes Al-Ayin city to Tal Abyad area, according to the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel.

The TV channel added that several SDF militia’s leaders, who have colluded with Turkey, fled to Turkey taking with them thousands of dollars.

There are also wide defections among the SDF militia members in flashpoint areas near Turkish border.

In another development, the US-led coalition imposed No-Fly zone over Malekeyeh city to the north-east of Hasaka in order to withdraw US occupation forces from Syria after Washington washed its hands of the separatist Kurds.

Basma Qaddour