Arab Trade Unions affirm their solidarity with Syria in the face of the terrorist war

DAMASCUS, (ST)- A number of heads of Arab trade unions taking part  in the 27th General Conference of the General Federation of Trade Unions ( GFTU ) affirmed that their participation comes in support for Syria’s  steadfastness in  the confrontation of the terrorist war imposed on it and for the Syrian  workers’ vital role  in the reconstruction process of their homeland.

They stressed in statements to SANA  that Syrian workers are a role model for work, will and sacrifice, as the head of the General Federation of Iraqi Trade Unions Star Danbous Brak pointed out that Syria is witnessing different conditions compared after more than eight years of war thanks to the great victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army on the ground and the struggle of the working class to protect their factories and facilities and revive the production movement.

 Brak pointed out that the Iraqi and Syrian trade unions are working under the umbrella of the Arab Trade  Unions Federation to issue statements that support Syria in its war against terrorism and call for lifting unfair economic sanctions imposed on the Syria people.

Head of the Lebanese Trade Union Confederation Hassan Fakih said that "attending the conference in Syria affirms the unity of Arab workers and their support for everything that serves the interests of Syria and Lebanon”.

On his part  the Secretary-General of the Palestinian Trade  Union Abdel Qader Abdullah indicated that the conference embodies the spirit of common action, stressing the need to take part in the activities held in Syria in order to enhance its steadfastness in the face of imperialism and the terrorist war.

Deputy head of the Federation of Trade Unions in Egypt Magdy El-Badawy said that the huge presence of Arab unionists in Syria strengthens and solidify the Arab unionist action. He pointed out that  the world realizes that despite the great suffering of Syrian workers from the terrorist war on their country, the unionist body in Syria will be one of the strong pillars of Arab unionist action during the coming era  He made it clear that "solidarity among Arab Trade Unions strengthens  the position of Arab workers at international organizations.

The editor-in-chief of the Arab Workers News Agency, Abdel-Wahab Khadr, considered that those  participating in the conference  in Syria represent millions of workers in the world and they have come to express the solidarity of those millions with Syria in the confrontation of terrorism, embargo and the American, Israeli and Turkish aggressive plans.

Many Arab and foreign delegations and  representatives of trade  unions  from different Arab countries  are taking part in the  conference which will last till February the 16th .

The participants attended also the session held by the conference in solidarity with the workers and people of occupied Palestine. They expressed their rejection of  the so-called  “Deal of the Century ” and stressed their solidarity with the steadfast people in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Rawaa Ghanam