Turkish regime delivers American MANPADS to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Idleb: Russian source

MOSCOW, (ST)- The Turkish regime continues to provide Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in Idleb with weapons, including American portable anti-aircraft missiles (Manpads), and it continues to deploy more troops in Syrian territories, a Russian diplomatic and military source has stressed.

The source said in a statement that Turkey is bringing more soldiers, weapons and military equipments into Idlib.  Considerable part of these weapons and equipments are delivered to the terrorists of the internationally blacklisted Jabhat Al-Nusra terror organization, the source added, pointing out that the terrorists have received American-made man-portable anti-aircraft missiles from the Turkish regime which is a very dangerous source of concern.

Two Syrian army helicopters were downed this week by the Turkish-backed terrorists.

 According to the source, Ankara is actively transferring personnel, weapons and military equipment to the de-escalation zone and providing terrorists with the Turkish army's uniform in order to let them fight the Syrian army under the guise of Turkish troops.

News reports said that Turkey had entered 70 tanks, some 200 armored vehicles and 80 cannons. A huge part of these weapons has been delivered to al-Nusra terrorists.

The source made it clear that during its military operations against the terrorist organizations last week, the Syrian army destroyed 20 tanks and armored personnel carriers that were handed by the Turkish regime to the terrorists in Idelb.

On Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the situation Idleb is exacerbating because the Turkish regime continue to deliver weapons, ammunitions and Turkish armored vehicles to the terrorists there and because Turkey hasn’t implemented its commitments on Idleb.

 Hamda Mustafa