Arab politicians: The Syrian army's victories over terrorism dealt heavy blow to conspirators against Syria

CAPITALS, (ST)- Vice-President of the Egyptian People's Democratic Party Sayyed Al-Asyouti has affirmed that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army over terrorist organizations constitute a severe blow to the conspiratorial scheme targeting Syria and the region.

In a statement to SANA correspondent in Cairo, Al-Asyouti stressed that liberating the villages and towns in the western and northwestern countryside of Aleppo from terrorist organizations is a continuation of the Syrian Arab Army's achievements that will go on until liberating the entire Syrian territories from terrorism and occupation.

He denounced the western countries' policies toward Syria by saying: “their plans have failed, they must change their hostile policies, stop their Zionist plots and make sure that the unipolar policy has come to an end and that the global political map after the Syrian victories is not the same as it was before."

 Al-Asyouti indicated that Arab countries can confront the plans of their enemies if they cooperate with the Syrian state, stressing that Syria will remain as it was throughout history a beacon of civilization and science.

For his part, head of the Egyptian Generation Party, Naji Al-Shihabi, affirmed that the Syrian Arab army’s victories over the remaining terrorist gangs in Aleppo and Idlib is but a message to all countries that have been support terrorism that Syria will win and enemies' schemes will vanish.

"Syria’s victory has been inevitable as aggression cannot defeat the will of the heroic Syrian people and new colonialism cannot achieve its plans because of the steadfastness and valor of the Syrian Arab Army, ” he added.

Al-Shihabi stressed that the global conspiracy that has been targeting Syria and the region could not succeed thanks to Syria's sacrifices and legendary steadfastness that broke the arrogance of the conspiratorial Western forces and their agents. He pointed out that every Arab citizen has the right to be proud of Syria's victories, indicating that re-operating Aleppo International Airport is a new declaration of the daily victories that Syria is achieving against terrorism and a strong indication that stability and safety has been restored in this area.

In Beirut, Jihad Zoubian, head of the "Cry of Homeland" Movement in Lebanon, asserted that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in villages and towns west and north of the city of Aleppo from terrorism proved to the world that Syria is fighting for a just cause.

Zoubian explained that the scene of liberating and restoring these areas will be repeated in Idlib because Syria has made the decision to eradicate terrorism and liberate the entire Syrian land.

Zoubian praised the heroic steadfastness of the sons of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan who bravely resist the Israeli occupation, stressing that liberating the Golan from the Israeli occupation is as important as liberating the Syrian cities from terrorism, especially since occupation and terrorism are two sides of the same coin.

In turn, the "Nation Movement" in Lebanon affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army has achieved victory over terrorism in Aleppo, the terrorism that has been supported by the global forces of evil led by the United States and the Turkish regime.

In Sanaa, spokesman of the Anti-Aggression Parties' Bloc in Yemen Aref al-Ameri said that the Syrian army's victories over terrorists organizations in Aleppo and Idleb have stopped the expansion of foreign-backed takfiri terrorist organizations funded by some Gulf states.

On its part, the Baath Arab Socialist Party's Regional Leadership in Yemen described the Syrian army's victories over terrorism in Aleppo and Idleb as a turning point in the history of the Arab nation and the axis of resistance, pointing out that these achievements have been realized after a long and hard struggle.

Amal Farhat