Belgium subdued by Israeli pressure, withdraws invitation to pro-Palestinian organization to deliver a speech at UNSC

BRUSSELS, (ST)- Belgium was subdued by pressure from the Israeli occupation entity and it withdrew its invitation to a pro-Palestinian organization to deliver a speech at the UN Security Council.

France Press news agency quoted Brad Parker from the Defense for Children International – Palestine (DCI-P), as saying that Belgium, being the current President of the Security Council, had invited him to deliver a speech at the council. However, Israel rejected the Belgian stance, saying that Parker is known for his extreme positions against Israel and it summoned Belgian diplomat to protest the move."

 He said that he won't go to the Security Council after the change made in the nature of discussions that he was due to attend, pointing out that the Belgian government has turned the meeting into consultations within a closed session.

Parker added that he was due to submit a declaration based on evidence about the dangerous violations of the Israeli occupation authorities in the occupied Palestinian territories between 2014 and 2019.

He reiterated that the Israeli criticism against him is an attempt to block a project backing human rights and unveiling details about the suffering of Palestinian children under the Israeli occupation.

Hamda Mustafa