Cabinet allocates SYP145 billion to implement an integrated development plan in Aleppo

ALEPPO, (ST)- The Cabinet has allocated SYP 145 billion to implement an integrated economic, services, and construction development plan in Aleppo province with special focus on the areas recently liberated from terrorism.

The plan was approved by the cabinet on Saturday during its weekly session which was held this time in Aleppo marking the Syrian Arab Army's victories which have restored security and stability to wide areas in the countryside of the province.

The development plan covers agriculture, industry, oil, energy, education, housing, communications, health among other fields.

A budget of SYP74 billion was allocated to the energy sector and to implement the Electricity Ministry's plan to improve the situation of electric power in Aleppo in general and in liberated areas in particular and to increase power supply  to industrial zones in al-Zerbeh, al-Mansoura and al-Leramoun areas. The cabinet also approved rehabilitating several oil ministry projects at a cost of SYP 1 billion.

 The cabinet also earmarked  SYP10 billion to agricultural development projects which include the restoration of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas ICARDA.

An amount of SYP8 billion was dedicated for supporting the industrial sector in the province  and rehabilitating a number of vital factories.

Moreover , 206 schools will be rehabilitated at a cost of SYP 5 billion as part of the government's plan to support education in the province.

Rehabilitation works will also involve Aleppo citadel as well as 19 health centers with an estimated cost of almost SYP10 billion

An amount of SYP 6 billion went to rehabilitating road and railway transport projects and SYP 1.2 billion were allocated to renovate damaged housing units, while SYP 500 million were dedicated for social care and rural development facilities in different parts of Aleppo.

Hamda Mustafa